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Teeth Whitening – Nurse's Four Ways To Whiten Or Bleach Your Teeth And What To Look Out For!

If you're concerned about stains on your teeth there are four main methods available today for whitening the teeth. I'm going to explain the various methods and how well they work. These teeth whitening and bleaching methods include chairside bleaching or 'power bleaching', professional dispensed bleaching solutions, over-the-counter, TV, and Internet products and whitening toothpastes.

1. Power bleaching or also called chair-side bleaching. A dentist applies a gel or rubber shield to protect the gums and oral tissues and then puts bleach on the teeth. Make sure to ask if the dental bleaching agents the dentist uses has the American Dental Association (ADA) Seal. Sometimes a light or a laser may be used to help the bleach work better. However there are not any products that use lasers that are accepted by the ADA at this writing. It may take more than one visit for this bleaching treatment. You'll be able to see the results right away, usually about five shades or so brighter. This treatment is supposed to work very well on a wide range of stains. However if your teeth are sensitive or even if they are not, there can be a range of pain experienced during and / or after the procedure. Make sure to do some research before you proceed. This type of dental whitening can be expensive, so make sure to have your dentist fully explain how much it will cost and what results you can expect.

2. Professionally dispensed bleaching solutions. Your dentist can sell you some teeth of these bleaching products for use at home. They usually contain peroxides that bleach the tooth enamel. Most of these products come in a gel form. The gel is placed in a mouth guard or tray that fits snugly inside the mouth around your teeth. How long you allow the gel to work depends on what results you want and your sensitivity to the bleaching gel. Some of these gel products are used for two times a day for about two weeks, and some of the other products are used overnight for one or two weeks. They may or may not help the many different types of staining. It's possible your teeth may turn about five to six shades whiter / brighter with long-lasting results. However the long term effects of the bleach on your sensitive gum tissue and from the possible absorbency into the oral and other bodily tissues is not known.

3. The over-the-counter, TV, and Internet products. These tooth whitening products are for use in your home and include teeth whitening strips, paint-on tooth products, and bleaching gels and trays. They use a lower volume of peroxide. You wear it throughout the day and apply some of it at night just before bedtime. They will have very limited results if you have not had the stains removed by a dentist first. But they're supposed to help prolong the results you receive from stain removal by a dental professional. They are also supposed to help if the staining is due to age and / or certain foods. Your teeth may turn about two or more shades brighter for up to five months or so.

4. Tooth whitening toothpastes. All toothpastes on the market will help remove surface stain by the action of mild abrasives. Some whitening toothpastes have special polishing agents that remove even more of the stains. These products do not bleach or change the color of teeth; they help some surface stains only. You may see temporary results with some claims your teeth will be one to two shades brighter.

These are the four main methods for whitening the teeth. So before you use any tooth whitening products, have a talk with your dentist first. Your dentist may help you decide which method is the best one for you based on the type of stains that are on your teeth. Remember that not all products will work the same way on all people. And it's important to keep in mind that tooth whitening by itself does not make your mouth healthier and can actually create some dental or oral problems for you.

Source by Helen Hecker

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Teeth Whitening – What's The Best Method?

Did you know that one of the first things you notice about someone when having a conversation with them, is their teeth? It's true. And this is just one of the many facts that point to this conclusion:

Having your teeth whitened is one of the best things you can do for your social life, your work life, and your general effectiveness as a person. Let's face it, if you deal with people in any way (and who does not?) Then it's a good idea to have your teeth whitened.

But what's the best method for tooth whitening?

Without question, the most effective way to have your teeth whitened is to go to your dentist. They have a few different options available to you, but the most effective by far is laser tooth whitening.

Laser tooth whitening is when a special chemical (containing carbamide peroxide) is applied to your teeth, and a laser is used to active it. This causes your teeth to whiten over the course of an hour. It really is the most effective option for anyone wanting to have whiter teeth.

Of course, there's other options available for the person who does not want to go to the dentist.

These options, while not quite as effective, can still be a good choice. After all, it's better than no whitening at all.

One of the most popular tooth whitening products, is the range of home tooth whitening kits. These use a dental tray, which goes into your mouth and applies a chemical to the teeth. These kits usually use a different chemical than a professional dentist uses. This chemical is not as effective as the one used for laser tooth whitening, but it costs much less.

The method you choose comes down to personal preference. Do you want to spend the money required for the best treatment? Or are you happy with second best?

For some people the investment can be too much, and is not really worth it. But for most people it represents a sound investment that will improve your life in many ways.

Source by Sarah Wright

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Teeth Whitening – How To Get Sparkling White Teeth

So is teeth whitening right for you? If you're one of those people who want to have a sparkling white smile – also called a "Hollywood smile", then you can easily use teeth whitening to get it.

Did you know that over 10 million Americans plus millions of people from other countries spent $ 2 billion on teeth whitening products last year?

Yes, that's right. As you see, getting brighter, whiter teeth is becoming more and more popular these days.

So let's see what your options are when it comes to it. So you can decide which one to choose before taking any action on it.

There are two main types of teeth whitening …

1. Tooth Whitening

Any product that makes the dirt and fake color on your teeth go away so the natural, shiny white color appears more is called a teeth whitening product.

This even include a normal toothbrush, mouthwash, etc.

But the term tooth whitening is usually referring to bleaching products as explained below that give a whiter-than-natural color to your teeth.

2. Tooth Bleaching

Bleaching is when you use a chemical product to make your tooth color become whiter than it is natural (like when you were born).

This is called teeth bleaching.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

It is a very important question because your teeth are a very important body part of you – valuable as a jewel. So you want to make sure you do your best to protect them.

There are some risks for using teeth whitening that you want to know first to make sure you protect yourself as much as possible.

Can lands check out You this helpful following article about Teeth Whitening Risks , and Solutions to the find out more.

Source by Julia Carter

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Teeth Whitening Gel – Tooth Bleaching Gel Can Improve Your Smile

Teeth whitening gel is a great way to get whiter teeth and improve your smile in just a few minutes a day over a two week period of time. Teeth whitening bleach gel is formulated to whiten your teeth by bleaching them with a safe bleach that is relatively sensitive to teeth and gums while still being effective in whitening and removing stains.

Take into consideration the level of whitening you need before choosing a product and talk with your cosmetic dentist about the teeth whitening bleach gels they recommend to find one that’s safe and preferred for your specific whitening needs and oral health. If you have existing dental work, keep in mind that the dental work will not change color as your natural teeth whiten and you may need additional procedures to make your teeth coloring blend together naturally.

Teeth whitening bleach gel works by applying the gel to your teeth usually twice a day and allowing the bleach formulation to whiten your teeth over the time it’s on them. This is done over a two week period of time and while some results may be visible after only a few days, the full results will not be seen for up to four months. These applications and products are fairly well effective and should be considered among the best at-home teeth whitening products and procedures. Teeth whitening bleach gel can be used to improve your smile as you brighten and whiten your teeth.

Teeth discolor and stain through age, lifestyle, diet and environment, but you can work with teeth whitening bleach gel to find a brighter, whiter smile under all that staining and discoloration. It’s important to understand the risks involved and talk with your dentist before starting the new bleaching gel treatment. But, with a little work and the right bleaching gel you can have beautifully whiter, brighter teeth that you will be proud to show off. A brighter smile is about more than vanity, it’s about confidence and a healthier smile which will make you feel like the confident individual you know you are.

Source by Becki Andrus

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Teeth Whitening – Your Home Remedy Methods

Home teeth whitening products are the solution for those who hate going to the dentist's office. In the past, the only option that people had if they wanted to have their teeth whitened was to have an appointment with their dentist. Since most of them are not too eager to visit their dentist, they always set the appointments aside for a later date. In the end, they just forget about the teeth whitening appointment.

People are in most cases too scared to keep their appointments with the dentist. Even if they want or need to have their teeth whitened, it will always end up being postponed or cancelled.

This is why when home teeth whitening products were introduced in the market, these people were only too happy to try them out. Home teeth whitening eliminate the fear of going to the dentist. In addition, the process can be done on your own time. Plus, it is not as expensive as an appointment with your dentist.

It can be noted that there are still those who rely on the good old home teeth whitening methods of the past. Although they seem too traditional for the people of today, the result is still as effective as it was before.

What are some of the basic home teeth whitening methods that are still being used by some today?

1. Bi-carbonate paste combined with water .

Bi-carbonate soda paste can be brought at drug stores or at supermarkets. Some people still buy them to be used for whitening teeth.

They combine the paste with water and gurgle them on a regular basis. It is believed that regular use of this solution can remove stain from the surface of the teeth thus, leaving teeth whiter and shinier.

2. Lemon juice paste and salt.

This combined solution is known to erase the yellowish tint of the teeth. Some people ceremoniously apply this combination on the teeth that look dull.

Leaving them on the teeth for several minutes is supposed to whiten teeth because of the acidic content of the lemon juice paste. If done regularly, the dull color of the teeth is eradicated.

3. Bay leaves with dried orange peel.

The combination of bay leaves with dried orange peel can also act as a teeth whitener. Just like the lemon paste, all you have to do is apply this to your teeth frequently.

4. Inner orange peel part.

When peeling oranges you will notice that the back part of it is white. You usually throw it away as something that is not of purpose. What you do not know is that it can be used to whiten your teeth. All you need to do is rub that white part on your teeth and it will give out a beautiful white shine.

These are some of the basic home teeth whitening methods that have proven their effectiveness in some parts of the world. Today, there are chemically made home teeth whitening products that you can buy and use.

The good thing about these basic home teeth whitening methods is that they do not come with the known side effects that over-the-counter products have. Plus they come in very cheap. You can try them out if you want to see if they work better than the products that you buy.

Source by Susan Bell

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Teeth Whitening – White Teeth at Home

Whiter teeth offer more than a brighter smile, they can offer you more confidence and a greater level of respect for those you interact with. While physical appearance may not be the deciding factor when landing a new client, good hygiene and a professional appearance will make the first impression you want.

To get white teeth at home there are a number of different products available that offer teeth whitening in different intensities with numerous application methods. The most popular at-home teeth whitening products include toothpastes, gums, strips, trays, brush on and kits.

These products range in price, application and results. To find the right one for you, first take a look at your teeth under natural light and determine the level of whitening you need.

Whitening toothpastes, gums and brush on applications are for mild whitening and can be used daily to help maintain a healthy, white smile. If you are looking for moderate whitening, try strips and trays.

These allow the whitening agents to stay on your teeth longer offering more whitening power. The strips are offered by a variety of oral health care companies and can be worn overnight or use dissolving strips for whitening on the run. For more intense whitening, a whitening kit is recommended. They often include a combination of these products for all around better whitening power and overall oral health.

Of course, the most severe form of teeth whitening must happen at your dentist office, but for great results for less money get can get white teeth at home with any of the products listed above. All are available at health & beauty stores as well as most big box retailers. Make sure to read the label to find out if there are any ingredients that will aggravate sensitive gums, if that is an issue for you. Also, make sure to share the knowledge of at-home teeth whitening with your dentist, just as you would inform your doctor of over the counter medications.

Source by Becki Andrus

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The Best Teeth Whitening Products

With so many people seeking white teeth for their perfect smile, it is not difficult to find the best teeth whitening products. In fact people now know that teeth whitening products that are available in the market are useful and result oriented. But it becomes difficult to choose the best one as there are so many products and all of them promise to give you prefect, quick and easy to achieve results.

Teeth whitening process comes under cosmetic dentistry as it is connected to beauty. In fact chemicals are used to eradicate discoloring of teeth and removal of stains as well. This makes the natural pigmentation bright and ultimately enhances your smile. However people are concerned about how much white can teeth become after using these teeth whitening products. The fact is that it depends upon how deep and old the stains are and the causes behind them.

There are varieties of products and you have to choose the one that is suitable in your conditions. In fact the products are for different shades and causes. It is not that you buy a whitening product and you will get the results. The main thing is that you must have an idea bout what is the main cause behind the discoloring of your teeth and then you can choose the products to make your teeth white. You will get home kits that you can use in complete privacy and if you want it done by a dentist, you can consult him for that.

Varieties of techniques and teeth whiteners have left average people confused. If you choose to visit a dentist for the purpose you will end up in an expensive treatment although that will be much faster, easier and safe too. These are called professional teeth whitening systems. There are laser teeth whitening, Rembrandt, Opalescence, to name a few.

But there are products that are helpful and harmless and used at home but takes longer time. As these are usable and can be done at home, they are getting much popular today. The home kits come with all the instructions written and you just have to follow them properly. This is important because if you keep the gel or chemical for longer time than asked, it might give you side effects and then you will have to suffer for them.

Source by Ashley Kennedy

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Teeth Whitening – Polish That Grill – Easy Start

Some people avoid looking themselves in the mirror. They look the other way when brushing their teeth, or merely glance at most. Others are afraid to show their teeth when there’s time for a beaming smile. Does this not sound like a shame? All these people getting through their lives with a burden which could quite easily be taken care of. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure which is aimed at removing or reducing discoloration and staining. It can also be used to provide brighter than average smiles.

A billion dollar industry

Nowadays a billion dollar industry teeth whitening is almost a must have treatment among those who have realized the importance of an attractive smile. Teeth whitening in particular, but also cosmetic dental surgery in general have made big technological advances and today you can have your smile polished without emptying your pockets completely.

Where the staining comes from

Teeth enamel discoloration can have many underlying causes. Excessive coffee drinking, too many sodas or cigarettes every day are real smile killers. But unfortunately age itself doesn’t spare your teeth either, no matter how good you are at staying away from temptations. Aside from staining of your teeth genetics also play an important factor, and some people simply have brighter and shinier teeth than others to begin with. Sometimes medication is the bad guy behind the discoloration, so always let your cosmetic dental surgeon know about any prescriptions you use.

Teeth whitening for whom

Teeth whitening by cosmetic dental surgery could be used by almost anyone who is shopping for a brighter and more polished smile. But importantly enough, teeth whitening isn’t always the best treatment around for discolored teeth. Particularly for people with oral health issued there are better ways. That is why consultation with your cosmetic dentist is most times a good way to determine the best strategy for your particular situation.

At last but not least

Listen up. The term teeth whitening can actually refer to a number of different techniques used to enhance your smile and remove stains and discoloration. These encompass teeth bleaching, laser tooth whitening and tooth whitening products to mention a few. Different procedures with different costs and results. Some are rather used in special situations while others could be applied more in general. Therefore always be sure of what you get beforehand! And remember that these procedures seldom are covered by health insurance policies.

Source by Sarah Pauer

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Teeth Whitening – The Importance of Teeth Whitening Reviews

If you are one of those people who are just itching to finally have a whiter smile then better make sure that you at least consult teeth whitening reviews first before you start booking an appointment with the dentist or start hoarding teeth whitening products at the grocery or pharmacy.

When it comes to teeth whitening products, expect the packaging and practically every marketing tool about it will say how great the product is but how sure are you that it will be as effective on your own teeth? You need to be more a little discerning when it comes to choosing such a product as this type of product doesn’t necessarily come cheap. So the best way for you to be able to see if a teeth whitening product you’ve been eyeing will be a good fit for you better checkout the available teeth whitening reviews first.

This will only take around an hour of your time so you need not be lazy about it. Aside from comparing prices, do make sure that you read up on how long people started experiencing the actual effects of the product and if they’re satisfied with the results. Also, if you can, try to ask those people about their experience too so that you’ll get a better understanding of how the product really is.

If five people claim that a product is not good enough then it probably is worth checking out a different brand, there’s no need to stick to something if it won’t produce the results even if it’s the more affordable choice because you’ll only end up wasting more money in the long run.

Source by Daniel Matheus

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