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Teeth Whitening Pain – 5 Solutions to This Potentially Painful Problem

Did you know that some people experience teeth whitening pain after bleaching? While most people experience little discomfort or pain after their whitening treatment, others experience pain in the form of tooth sensitivity or gum irritation. Some people also report intense and intermittent “zingers” or a piercing jolt in their teeth. So what should you do to eliminate or avoid teeth whitening pain?

Avoiding the pain requires that you have an understanding of the pain itself. As mentioned earlier, some people experience tooth sensitivity. The sensitivity may be triggered by cold liquids, breathing or even air hitting your teeth. The degree of sensitivity can be very moderate to extremely painful. It can occur immediately after the whitening and last up to 24 -48 hours. In rare case, sensitivity can last much longer.

Gum irritation and “zingers” occur less frequently but nonetheless can cause significant discomfort or pain. People have reported feeling powerful “jolts” or “zingers” after receiving professional teeth whitening like laser teeth whitening or zoom teeth whitening.

Regardless of the type of whitening system you use, there are a few things you can do to avoid, eliminate or limit the pain. The best way is to consult with your doctor prior to any whitening procedure. While there is no assurance that teeth whitening pain can be completely avoided, seeking professional advice is the smartest way to avoid or limit any pain.

Here are other tips to consider:

1. If you plan to have your dentist bleach your teeth, prior to your visit brush with a high fluoride toothpaste or rinse with a mouthwash that contains fluoride a few weeks prior to the whitening. Fluoride helps strengthen the outer enamel of your teeth. Some dentists may also advise you to take an ibuprofen such as Aleve before and after the procedure.

2. If you plan on using a home remedy tooth whitening system like whitening gels or bleaching trays, start out with a limited amount to test the sensitivity of your gums and teeth.

3. Don’t use too much whitener as this can ultimately lead to persistent pain and ongoing tooth sensitivity. Also, apply the whitener with care and do not allow it to enter into areas where your gums are receding. In other words, don’t become a “teeth whitening addict” looking for a quick bright white smile in minutes. Follow the directions.

4. If you already know you have sensitive teeth, severely receding gums, or defective restorations share this information with your dentist as he or she will adjust the amount of bleaching gel (peroxide) accordingly. Home teeth whiteners should be used sparingly and milder versions should be applied with extreme caution.

5. After whitening, brush with lukewarm water, avoid extreme temperatures in liquids or food and use a toothbrush with soft bristles. Over-the-counter toothpaste for sensitive teeth can help too. If the tooth sensitivity lasts more than a few days consult with your dentist as this may signal a different or underlying problem.

The bottom line is that a whiter smile can raise your confidence and self-esteem among other things. Don’t worry too much about any teeth whitening pain or discomfort. Go ahead, get whiter teeth today.

Source by Morgan Wilson

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Teeth Whitening: Is It Safe?

Teeth Whitening is an attractive option for people with low levels of self-esteem who want to boost their smile with healthy-looking white teeth. But still a majority of people are doubtful about the effectiveness of this procedure. They think the risks of teeth whitening outweigh its advantages. But this is not quite right. Let's find out some of the problems that might occur after teeth whitening and how you can overcome them or prevent them to occur altogether.

Teeth Whitening involves application of a solution of bleach on teeth to whiten them. It might not be suitable for people with gum diseases or extreme sensitivity. These people should have their gums treated first and when they think their gums are healthy enough, only then they should opt for teeth whitening. Most whitening products contain around 3% bleach which is not recommended by health experts. 0.1% bleach is acceptable in products which might involve human intake. Leaving bleach on the teeth for too long can cause irreparable damage to them. It is advisable to have teeth whitening performed under the supervision of a dentist.

Teeth Whitening is not safe for people who smoke or drink too much. High intake of hydrogen peroxide (bleach) can make these people more vulnerable to adverse after-effects of alcohol. Pregnant women should also avoid bleaching products.

If you have sensitive teeth then you might want to have a soft tooth-brush and a medicated tooth-paste after you have gone through teeth whitening to lessen the pain and irritation to its minimum. After a few days, however, the pain will go away itself. It's important to consult a dentist before going through any teeth whitening procedure. Other than the above mentioned problems, there are no adverse side-effects or risks involved with teeth whitening.

If you're considering teeth whitening at home, here are some points you must keep in mind before going about it. At-home teeth whitening is carried out by purchasing a custom-made plastic tray that can be fitted easily into the mouth, to apply the whitening chemical inside. Bleaching gel (or carbamide peroxide) is placed into this tray and then the wearer keeps it in mouth everyday for many weeks before the whitening action starts to show its effects.

Although this procedure is very easy to adopt and equally effective like a dentist's way of performing teeth whitening, but you should keep in mind that everything is being done on your own without the supervision of an expert. For this you need to know the contents of the whitening material you're applying on your teeth. You particularly have to pay extra attention to the amount of bleach being consumed by your teeth. It is often recommended to use the tray for a continued period of at least two months to have effective results. For that matter, its very important to monitor the health of your gums and teeth. If you think using the tray causes irritation, swelling or even bleeding in gums, immediately consult a dentist.

People often consider alternatives to using tray-based teeth whitening system, like whitening toothpastes or strips. However, these methods are not as effective as the tray-based method. You just have to wear the tray for 30 minutes or a little more in a day and no other whitening action needs to be performed after that.

Home teeth-whitening method is an economical way to have your teeth whitened. For the same reason, the results of tray-based whitening are not as quick as the traditional teeth whitening performed at a dentist's office. But if you're comfortable with the method and see improvement, you should definitely continue using it and recommend it to other people as well.

Source by George Wood

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Teeth Whitening – Trends and Techniques to Know

Yellowish or brownish teeth is a big put off. Stains on the teeth takes away all the glow and dazzle of your smile. With discoloured teeth, you avoid meeting people even closest to you. If any of these is troubling you, it's then time for teeth whitening to get quality back into your life. You should first consult a cosmetic dentist and understand the procedures involved in this whole whitening thing. After all, trends and techniques have evolved over the years and the more you know, the better results you get. After all, pearly white smile is something you should vouch for!

However, you should first know what product or procedure is good for your whitening or what options to go for to get the teeth whitened. As both, DIY and in-office, routes are available, it calls for a careful analysis of the options at hand. You should also know that the in-office whitening procedures are done by a cosmetic dentist and results are effective and fast in nature. The dentist can use one of many techniques to whiten the teeth and get you back the dazzling smile of desired variety. With in-office treatment, you can be rest assured of high-quality and long-lasting results for sure.

Further, the dentist often turns to porcelain veneer to coat the teeth in cases were gaps exist or where a tooth is chipped. There is also the method of internal bleaching where a drill is done in the teeth and then a special whitening gel is filled in the hole. The dentist also uses laser teeth whitening where the stains are oxidized from teeth and lent a whiter glow. This laser technique is perhaps the most popular and without doubt, the most used as well at dentists the world over. You can thus select any of these to get the glow of the teeth back.

However, many people are not comfortable in paying some money and get the teeth whitened and for them, DIY techniques seem the best bet. They can find a variety of whitening toothpastes in the market to get the job done. In fact, DIY kits have brought a lot of freedom to those averse to the idea of ​​seeking an expert help for their teeth whitening. The toothpaste is used in the same manner as you do the normal one and results often take few weeks to show up. The DIY kit involves filling the tooth mould with gel and wearing it around the teeth for some day.

In overall, we can see how options are in plenty for us to whiten the teeth and get the dazzle of the smile back. We have options to seek expert help or take the 'do it yourself' route; we have the choice to get great results or moderate ones based on the budget. Well, what only matters is the whitening of the teeth no matter how it takes place. So, you should weigh in your options carefully so that the best of results reach to you with teeth whitening procedure.

Source by Prince Kumar

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Choosing the Right Teeth Whitening Procedure for You

Before you go in for a teeth-whitening procedure, you should know which type of teeth whitening procedure is appropriate for you: bleach based (non-vital whitening) or non-bleach based (vital whitening). The type of teeth whitening procedure you’ll undergo depends on your dental history.

Non-Vital Whitening (Bleach Based Whitening)

If you have had dental work done on your teeth such as a root canal, non-vital teeth whitening is recommended for you. This particular teeth whitening procedure is best because some of your teeth may only become whitened through a stronger and more involved teeth whitening procedure such as bleach based whitening. In this procedure, your dentist will fill the inside of your teeth with a chemical that will gradually whiten your teeth. In some cases, results appear within a day or two.

Vital Whitening (Non-Bleach Based Whitening)

This type of teeth whitening procedure is the one you usually see in popular literature and various advertisements. In this type of teeth whitening procedure, a chemical gel is placed inside a mouthpiece that you have to wear for a fixed amount of time. You may be required to wear the mouthpiece for only an hour or two or you may be required to wear it overnight.

If you’d like to have your teeth whitened but you don’t want to go to the dentist because you are on a limited budget, you are too busy or you simply dislike going to the dentist, your only option is vital whitening or non-bleach based whitening. If you have had any kind of dental history, you need to seek professional advice for options that are available for you. However, if you have had dental work done on your teeth, having whiter teeth is only a quick visit away to the nearest grocery or drugstore.

Source by Tim Gorman

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Teeth Whitening – Is it Safe to Use Home Teeth Whitening Kit?

There are no two ways about it that teeth whitening was originally a dental procedure done only by expert professionals. As the basic teeth whitening procedure remains the same, there will always be doubts about its safety and efficacy if it is not performed by an expert. However it cannot be denied that over the last two decades the bleaching process has been completely customized to suit a layman’s handling skills.

Constant research about the teeth whitening methods and bleaching agents has made it a complete risk free product. If you are not sure about its safety you have probably not seen the ease with which it can be used. These kits have been designed keeping in mind the handling abilities of a common user. As it is treated more like a cosmetic procedure and does not involve any incision or consumption of medicines, the chances of any side effect are minimized.

The bleaching kits can be easily handled if you follow the instructions carefully. Normally you get a set of mouth trays that can be molded to fit the contours of your teeth and gum lines. Once mold is ready you need to fill some whitening agent in it. Then you just need to place it against your teeth and wait for 15 -20, minutes. The recommended duration depends upon the quantity of peroxide in the solution therefore you must read the instruction before using it.

What really causes side effect is the improper use of this kit. Sometimes people wear the mouth tray for more than recommended duration assuming that it will whiten their teeth faster. In fact they cause more harm than any good to their teeth.

Source by Ashley Hilton

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How to Properly Maintain Your Teeth After a Teeth Whitening Procedure So Your Teeth Stay White

If you have undergone a teeth-whitening procedure, it shows that you place great care on your personal appearance. And if you’ve gone to all the trouble of having your teeth whitened, you obviously wouldn’t want to lose all that whiteness again. You would take all the necessary steps to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. After all, a teeth whitening procedure is a long-term investment that should be maintained. Otherwise, you’d have to invest time and money once more to get your teeth white again.

So how exactly can you maintain your teeth after undergoing a teeth-whitening procedure?

* Rinse your mouth or brush your teeth each and every time you finish taking your meals. Use anti-bacterial mouthwash or toothpaste that has whitening properties. The quickest way to lose the whiteness of your teeth is to leave them stained and discolored by the foods you eat. The longer these foods stay in your mouth, the quicker they’ll affect the color of your teeth.

* Use toothpaste that has teeth whitening properties. Use it regularly (after every meal) and you can be fairly certain that you’ll have white teeth for a long period of time. A toothpaste with whitening properties protects the teeth from getting stained and discolored.

* If you are a heavy caffeine drinker (coffee, soda or tea) and simply cannot get rid of the habit, drink with a straw. The straw will protect your teeth from stain and discoloration because the caffeine will bypass your teeth. Of course, if you can live without caffeine, this would be a much better way as not only will it keep your teeth white, you’ll be much healthier (and you’ll sleep better).

* If at all possible, avoid using lipstick as certain types of lipstick can stain your teeth and cause discoloration.

Treat teeth whitening as an investment. You don’t want to lose it by neglecting to take the necessary care towards maintaining your teeth. How often do you think you can afford to take teeth whitening treatments again and again? Getting a teeth whitening procedure done is akin to buying a new car and failing to maintain it on a regular basis. Unless you take an active role in taking care of your teeth, that teeth-whitening procedure is just going to be a waste of your time and money.

Source by Tim Gorman

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Problems with teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a popular aesthetic improvement, but the issues to be included in teeth whitening attempt. Most dentists agree that the standard over-the-counter available teeth whitening products are both safe to use as long as the product is used as directed, includingsuch limiting the frequency of use. No bleaching efficiency guaranteed if the products are used incorrectly.

However, one of the disadvantages of over-the-counter products is that none of them to whiten teeth more than two or three shades. Bleaching agents applied by a dentist, however, have more success with increased improvement nuances, and are considered safe as both apply. This is the main reason why a patient in March want to consider having a procedure Played teeth by a dentist if over-the-counter products have failed to meet laundering.

Another disadvantage is that people who smoke and want to whiten their teeth Opinion in March found that over-the-counter bleaching agents will not change the color of teeth.

There are problems, however, even to see a dentist to perform the procedure.

absolutely white teeth expectations are unreasonable. No natural teeth are white which, however, drank too much bleach in March to a shiny white appearance. We walk like appearance, but the problem in April deeper than the factthat it is an unnatural color. April excessive bleaching damage the tooth.

teeth whitening expectations willlast indefinitely regardeless bleaching level as unreasonable Achieved ice. The teeth naturally darken with age, but in addition, our habits regarding both eating, drinking and smoking affect darkening as well. Both aging and coloring by willhave consumables Notices their effect on darkening This havebeen bleached teeth. We can not stop aging, but we can limit or eliminate our consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes, etc., and laundering effort will last longer. Teeth whitening, bleaching it will take several repetitions of a lifetime.

crowns, bridges and laminates March did not react the same way to bleach teeth natural teeth will. Color variation between these added devices and thunderstorms natural teeth is to be the result of a bleaching exercise.

There will Apr. side effects caused by a teeth whitening procedure (as well as over-the-counter products). Some will experience tender and sensitive gums of the procedure. This conditioning usually disappears shortly after the procedure, but if it persists, the dentist should be consulted. This March or may not be a condition to the dentist can effectively treat Preventer or if another procedure is performed.

Another side effect is the potential for tooth sensitivity. If this happens, the toilet was a different procedure should be tried or not there in February recommended to repeat the procedure.

A final side effect is a condition of weakening the binding of a crown or laminate. If the noises persist, you need APR to be removed and re-glued. Also, the toilet was another procedure should be judged in the future, or avoided.

That said, all handsets above side effects occure in only 10 percent of cases of a whitening procedure.

Source by Robert Fogarty

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The best home remedies for whitening teeth

Are you one of these notices, people who suffer from yellow stained teeth, well you came to the right place. In this article I will explain one of the remedies for the most popular home teeth whitening. Allot of people like home remedies since they are so easy and cheap two make, and not to mention you can make themselve in the comfort of your own home. The only disadvantage of abusing These two remedies is that they may not work as well as having your teeth whitened professionally, rooms will always help both get your teeth whiter thanwhat They Might Be.

What do I need for this remedy?

So you’re probably wondering what this remedy is that I’m about to tell you two. Well its very basic and easy steps, all you’ll need is some aluminum foil, baking soda, a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush on average, it has no The importance of this type of toothbrush you use as long as it is suitable both brushing your style and exact hardness that you feel comfortable with.


Ok now that you have what you need you will take your tube of toothpaste, and you will squeeze around a line 12 cm from the dough. Then pick it up in a blob and take half a teaspoon of baking soda and add to the toothpaste. You will mix the soda and the dough until it is well blended. Now you will get your aluminum foil and lay it flat with the shiny side down. The next step is to detach two 4 long strips of aluminum foil, make surethat the 4 bands are two large enough to cover your teeth, remember that you will make the teeth from top to bottom separated. Now you will take your mixture of baking soda and toothpaste and evenly on only two strips of aluminum foil, shiny side remember falling. Now you are ready to begin your teeth whitening procedure, you will start with the lower teeth first collection are much easier to both the upper load. Take one of stripsthat you applied the two mixture and fold the bottom line of your teeth, and then you’ll make a smooth strips and fold over. Now that you have completed the lower row of teeth, you can move to the top row, the technical implementation of the same procedure. You will need two wait at least an hour before removingnoise the aluminum foil from your teeth. After removing the foil, you go and brush your teeth as you normally would. Remember, you will need to repeat this process at least twice a week for best results, as it is known to be one of the best home remedies for teeth whitening.

Source by Michael Jardim

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A teeth whitening An hour

Are you aware that you can get a bright dazzling smile with teeth whitening an hour appointment with your dentist? Many dentists are very simple executable procedure short of two dealer where you the most beautiful smile of your life.

This is one of the dental procedures mostPopular around. It is simple, effective, and teeth Many people will actually lighten between 2 2:08 nuances.

as teeth, Reviews suchlike that those bombarded with Coca-Cola, cigarettes, coffee, tea and of course can really see an amazing difference. These types of teeth really answer depends on two whitening appointment dental office.

The amazing thing about this type of dental procedure Do you are not sitting with trays in your mouth for an hour. This is actually a gel that is applied, then a special light activates the two white teeth gel.

This is not only a safe and effective way to brighten your smile, but it does not bother existing fillings, soft enamel, and even those who have mild sensitivity to pain or tooth can terminate the appointment with a pain reliever.

The main ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which is the oxidation that actually whiten your teeth. And of course, the perfect exceptionally hydrogen peroxide two hundred years for a variety of uses, includingservers laundering.

This process also clears dirt veneers, tooth colored fillings, crowns and. Of course, they can not actually change the original color of these dental procedures, rooms can remove stains These are two normal teeth.

Another beautiful light effect smiling teeth an hour from the whitening procedure is the factthat it can load years if you follow through with tracking productsthat are suggested.

You no longer have to go through two hours with home treatment or daily treatment or kit on the counter. Now you can stop by your dental office and get a two-hour procedure brighten and whiten your teeth.

Source by Paul De Vizard

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