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Glisten White Review – About Teeth Whitening


I decided to do this review and article on teeth whitening because I know a lot about the subject. I thought it would be beneficial to people that are unsure about teeth whitening or would like to know how it works. In particular I will be referring to a product called glisten white because I recommend it for home whitening and it is a good example of a gel.

The main reason why people want to whiten their teeth is because they are stained from their lifestyle such as drinking coffee and smoking etc. Teeth whitening can be extremely expensive and can have side effects so it is important to choose the right method. The best method for the home user in my opinion is a home tooth whitening kit. Home tooth whitening kits such as glisten white pretty much work the same way that is applied in the dentist. They both use a peroxide compound which “bleaches” the teeth.

The glisten white gel contains carbamide peroxide. The carbamide peroxide is the main ingredient which is used to whiten teeth. Carbamide peroxide basically “bleaches” teeth. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an oxidizing agent which is utilized to lighten the shade of the tooth. The oxidizing agent penetrates the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of enamel and oxidizes interprismatic stain deposits; over a period of time, the dentin layer, lying underneath the enamel, is also bleached.

The main difference between teeth whitening by a dentist and using glisten white is the price. Teeth whitening by a dentist will cost around £300 whereas a glisten white kit costs £20 and is just as a effective. Glisten white works by wearing mouth trays with the gel in place. After a while of wearing them the gel takes affect and whitens teeth.

There are some side affects to teeth whitening which happens after long periods of use such as sensitive teeth. If the glisten white is used correctly though you will get results within two weeks and there has been a high success rate in clinical testing within other dentistrys.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth I do highly recommend glisten white because it is cheap and just as affective as other more expensive treatments. I hope this review and article on teeth whitening has helped.

Source by Connor McBroom

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Teeth Whitening – Learn How to Teeth Whiten in Minutes

Unfortunately,over time not only pages of books, but teeth too turn to yellow. Therefore to whiten teeth is necessary for everyone. The process of yellowing is completely natural,but it spoils our smile and gives us an old age,which nobody wants to talk about. What is the matter then?

The point is that the glare is given to the teeth by enamel – the outer protective layer of the teeth. Over the time enamel becomes thinner, and through it a yellow dentin begins to exude – the inner substance of the teeth. Those who are excessively fond of sweets, they  should know that their teeth are prone to yellowing in the first place. Why?

Sugar is digested by bacteria that live in the mouth, as a result  it excretes acid that eating away the enamel, which in turn covers the teeth with  invisible to the eye tiny pores. And pigments of coffee, tea, berries, red wine, juices, colas, and other coloring products are trapped in these pores. Cigarettes and tartar leave very noticeable marks too.

Modern dentistry today offering a variety of services for whitening teeth that will help restore your smile with shiny and pristine whiteness.

There are several ways to whiten teeth:

1.Professional whitening (Technology ZOOM)

Professional teeth whitening is usually performed in dental clinics or specialty centers

2.Laser whitening

Laser teeth whitening resembles a professional whitening in the dental center.

3.Bleaching at home

There is also another way to whiten teeth at home, it is also called “night” bleach.

4.Folk Remedies

Those who do not trust modern medicine and tries to follow our grandmothers’ advices – may be advised to rub their teeth by lemon peel , or rinse the teeth with lemon juice.

Source by Kamil Abbas

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Teeth Whitening – What Does Tooth Whitening Mean?

Teeth whitening is a concept that has been formulated by the dental associations across the globe. One of the main reasons why the phrase 'home tooth whitening' picked speed was because people in general, felt the need to whiten their teeth without spending their precious time. Here is what it means in layman's terms.

1. It Is A Home Concept

Contrary to the popular belief, the concept of whitening teeth from home is not new. It also does not involve paying a visit to the dentist. In simple words, people working in offices are unable to take time out to whiten teeth in a professional manner. Hence, they started to seek options by which they could cleanse their stained teeth in a professional manner. In order to resolve this problem, leading dentists of the state came up with the concept of whitening teeth from home.

2. It Is Popular

The in house concept of whitening teeth is widely accepted across the world. One of the main reasons why it has become immensely popular is because it saves your time. It is also effective. People who have made use of this concept have clearly stated that home tooth whitening has saved them the hassle of paying a visit to the local dentist on a weekly basis. Now, they can get rid of their yellow spots on a daily basis and that too in minutes. Hence, this concept is an effective means of getting rid of yellow stains.

Contrary to the popular belief, home teeth whitening is a concept that has been widely accepted by the general public. If you have understood what it means, you need to simply get a home based tooth whitener home. It could either be a whitening swab, a gel or a strip.

Source by Sam Keith

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Teeth Whitening – 2 Surefire Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Through Home Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening is often looked on as an essential part of maintaining your dental hygiene. While you often consider teeth whitening as an essential means of trying to look good and appear lively, the fact of the matter remains that teeth whitening is not merely limited to enhancing your outward persona. It also enables you to take care of your healthy as well. Well, here is how you can take care of your teeth while remaining in the save confines of your personal washroom.

Place An Order For A Whitening Kit

It may sound a bit awkward but if you wish to whiten your teeth without moving an inch from your easy chair, then you would be required to do order a whitening kit from a reputed online store. One of the main reasons why you require a tooth whitening kit is because you simply cannot hope to polish your teeth without it. Hence, it is advisable the you look up the internet and place an order. When you receive the kit, you can begin with the second step-“the cleansing procedure”.

Follow The Instructions

The second step to ensure that you whiten teeth without getting into any hassle is by looking up the manual that has been provided along with your choicest cleansing kit. There have been numerous cases wherein people have not even bothered to read the instructions and have begun with the polishing procedure. Well, this is not the correct method. Kindly take some time out and read the instructions guide before beginning with the application procedure.

Source by Mark M Morris

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Natural Teeth Whitening – Does Urine Get the Job Done? Please Say No!

Gross, does urine really work as a good natural teeth whitening remedy?

“If so, there is no way I am doing that!” I said to myself.

Luckily, it was only a joke told by my college history professor.  Ancient Romans did use urine as an ingredient in their toothpaste, though.

Does that not sound just utterly gross and disgusting?

Of course it does.

Have you been searching for tried and tested natural teeth whitening remedies on your own?

Of course you have.

And I bet you would like to know some secret, low cost ways to whiten teeth, would you not?

Well, then you have come to the right place.

Here are 3 ways without using urine to do the job.

1.  Carrots:  Besides being great for your eyes, carrots work great as a replacement for a tooth brush when you do not have access to one, and help get some of that grime and plaque off your shiners.  Easy!

2.  Strawberries:  I would suggest just eating them and not brushing your teeth right away.  They are acidic so applying them directly to your teeth is not the best thing and if you brush directly after it would help the acid eat away a bit at your teeth.

3.  Baking soda:  Just stick your tooth brush in some baking soda and you are good to go.  But I cannot make any guarantees about the taste!

However, do not use lemon juice on your teeth as a natural teeth whitening remedy.  You may have heard of this one but lemon juice is simply too acidic and eats away at important nutrients in your teeth, such as calcium.

Source by Mark Peterman

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3 Teeth Whitening Systems That Actually Work

The most important thing you can do to avoid badly stained teeth and have a bright and white set of teeth is to use teeth whitening systems that actually work. Below are 3 teeth whitening systems you can try out.

1. Toothpastes that actually work

There are many toothpaste brands that promise whiter teeth in less than 2 weeks. Although toothpastes are abrasives, they do not contain enough whitening power to whiten badly stained teeth or to help users get super white teeth. Another reason toothpastes can’t really whiten teeth is because the saliva buildup inside your mouth dilutes the whitening gel in toothpastes (at least those that contain peroxide)

Whitening toothpaste from ‘Aquafresh’ whitens teeth very well, and ‘Colgate Visible White’ works exceptionally well among various brands of toothpastes. Make sure you brush for thoroughly for 2 minutes, to maximize your whitening effort!

Toothpastes containing grapefruit seed extract have been said to work wonders in whitening. Grapefruit seed extract is a natural ingredient that will whiten teeth without wearing off the enamel of your teeth. There are some toothpaste brands that contain this ingredient and are packaged in big tubes for cheap prices.

Don’t rub any lime or orange peel against your teeth; although this will “whiten” your teeth slightly, the peel is scrubbing away a layer of your teeth. Brushing your teeth with table salt has a similar but lesser effect.

2. Teeth Whitening Strips that actually work

The Crest line of whitestrips products have been dominating the home teeth whitening market for these recent years. Why? Because they work wonders.

You can whiten your teeth up to 5 shades using teeth whitening strips, depending on the concentration of tooth bleach you choose to use. Starting at $22, Crest white strips come in many varieties, including Standard, Plus and Premium Plus (in increasing order of concentration of peroxide) this method is so affordable and effective that millions have already used it to whiten their teeth at home.

Another famous whitening strip that works is Maxodent, which has a 14% concentration (higher than any Crest whitestrips currently available in stores). Only dentists are allowed to give you such a powerful whitening gel concentration. This stronger whitening power allows anyone to whiten their teeth at least 5 shades in a shorter time. The whitening effect of any whitening strip normally lasts 6 months, but these Maxodent strips can last much longer. If you want to whiten your teeth fast, Maxodent is a very recommended choice.

3. Dentist Whitening Systems work.

Dentists offer teeth whitening of around 7-10 shades. The downside of this is that this can cost a minimum fee of $300. Not a lot of people can afford to spend so much to whiten their teeth. If you can afford this, you might want to have a try.

Teeth whitening strips used effectively can get you better looking white teeth for a much smaller price than what dentists use. Most dentists use 14% hydrogen peroxide (the same used in white strips such as Maxodent) and charge just $500 for that.

There you go, 3 teeth whitening systems that actually work. Whichever method you choose, make sure it is cost-effective and easy to use!

Source by Eddie Broadnax

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How Dentists Whiten teeth?

Dentists whiten teeth by a simple procedure, but still not something you can do at home, at least not in a very effective dominates with the same level of results. A dentist is a overwhelms more professional, with specialized tools and techniques used.

dentists can whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide gel with two shield used to protect the gums. Usually, it only takes one visit to the dentist loading for about an hour and a half, sometimes manager and staff one or two sessions are needed. The gel used is hydrogen peroxide, a higher strength than the hydrogen peroxide found in the home tooth whitening kits. This, alongwith applied laser light brings the best results.

President-side bleaching

The process by a dentist, also known as bleaching name the chair, involve the application of a protective gel on first two gums themselve protect against the harmful effects of containing hydrogen peroxide gel. After Protecting gums, the gel is applied but not before the removingnoise plate on the tooth surface. When the gel is applied Laser ice also used on the area to be bleached both create a chemical reaction in the gel two to get the desired effect. The depth of the mines deterministic spots the amount of time the gel is allowed to remain on the teeth before being rinsed.

Keeping your teeth white after treatment

There aren ‘t significant side effects both chairside bleaching that care is taken to protect both the gums. However, walking experience temporary tooth sensitivity. The findings appear in such a short time as a few days or sometimes months. In most cases, however, it takes two to three weeks.

This type of teeth whitening lasts up to a year, the director and the staff that would be a good idea to refresh this two whitening technique every 6 months. One way to ensure that both your teeth two white ice Staying observe a diet that does not include substances that stain teeth. For example, avoid cranberry juice, red wine and two Espresso help assure that your teeth stay white for a longer period of time. Whitening toothpastes, available over-the-counter, can also help.

Impact on Dental Crowns and additions

One thing both bear in mind is that both artificial additives tooth structure, suchlike as crowns, bridges and veneers remain review their original color and can not be with your teeth whitened. So if they appear on your site with more newly acquired white teeth, dental These additions can be replaced by new thatwill match your new tooth color.

If you do not want to go to the dentist for chairside whitening session, you can buy over-the-counter remedies suchlike as whitening strips and trays, and whitening toothpaste above. However, the most effective treatment, with individual attention given to two each tooth may require Received a dental office.

Now that you know how dentists whiten teeth, you will achieve, it is not a complicated or inconvenient procedures. The dentist bleaches or whitens your teeth thoroughly and mashed into the safest overwhelming.

Source by Mark Jubbs

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How to whiten teeth in the tanning bed

Many people suffer embarrassing stains or discoloration on the opinions of their teeth. Fortunately, there are many ways to get rid of two spots and brighten your teeth. One of the latest technologies in the teeth whitening is a gel that reacts with UV rays both remove stains on teeth. These gels can be used in tanning salons and sunbathing and whiten your teeth at the same time. There are many advantages and disadvantages of two of the new technology.

How to whiten teeth in the Tanning Salon

Teeth whitening in the tanning bed is a new systemthat has become very popular with many people. These whitening kits are sold in tanning salons, pharmacies and online. Kits contain a hydrogen peroxide tube or carbamide peroxide gel, applied to the wooden teeth with the toilet brush or directly from the tube. April kits also contain a tray from the mouth and the cheeks and lips of the spacers. When UV rays hit your teeth, they react with the two gel stains out of the tooth enamel. You can use these kits once every two days to a maximum of five sessions in the tanning salon two view whiter teeth.

More teeth whitening in the tanning bed

This bleaching system has many Advantage. First, it is very easy two use. You can apply gel on your teeth in a few minutes, and then simply lie or stand under the UV lamps. In addition, the kits are relatively inexpensive compared to many big whitening kits purchased and dental procedures. More over, this system is known to be an enterprise. Many people report seeing results after a few sessions.

Fewer teeth whitening in the tanning bed

Although it is rare, some people experience increased tooth sensitivity after the excessive use of UV light kits teeth laundering. Somepeople also feel irritation notice their gums. If you experience these symptoms, you can simply stop the excessive use of the gel and the problems usually disappear in a few days.

For those looking for a simple and convenient way to whiten teeth and improve their Critical Reviews Sametime their skin, teeth UV light kits laundering in March to be a good option. They are both easy to use and which havebeen proven very effective for removingnoise spots on teeth. If you choose a whitening gel for use in the tanning salon, ask surethat it is approved by an official body of dentistry.

Source by Faith Kaltenbach

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DIY teeth whitening – the best way to whiten teeth

In-office teeth whitening treatments performed by a dentist certainly not give dramatic results, and you can have dazzling white teeth in an hour or two. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford both to pay $ 500 to $ 1,000 per visit. People who are looking for a more affordable alternative is now turning to DIY teeth whitening kits.

dental laser whitening or teeth whitening done by a dentist gives excellent results, but you really do not spend much money two both get your teeth whiter. Treatments that cost much less can pray just as effective. Over-the-counter teeth whitening DIY systems are now available that pharmacies and online. Some of these kits are quite expensive but others are more affordable. These kits come in the form of strips, gels or dental trays. Their methods differ cheaper than its fancy provideh varying results with the accompanying pros and cons.

The bleaching agent in a bleaching kit ice Usually hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in a gel base, paste or liquid on brush. The peroxide is a powerful oxidizing agent that effectively remove stains and discoloration. The solution in an ice kit do-it-yourself Typically 10% to 20% concentration. However, dentists use up to 45% bleach.

teeth sensitivity is an important consideration in DIY teeth whitening. You can prepare your teeth by brushing themwith sensitive toothpaste Sensodyne suchlike that for a couple of weeks before starting treatment. It is also the best two seek the advice of your dentist if you have sensitive teeth and gums. He Feb. ask professional to recommend the best treatment for you DIY.

whitening treatments DIY teeth to use range of the house from simple whitening strips two dental trays. Dental trays vary in price and effectiveness. They are designed to hold the solution or the whitening gel against your teeth and saliva contraceptives wash solution.

Over-the-counter dental trays without cost of $ 100, but do not fit perfectly to your teeth in February. Professional dental trays prescribed by dentists for home use are designed to fit around your teeth and will not provide better results. However, they are more expensive and February cost around $ 200

You can also use adhesive strips whiten your teeth two. The strips contain bleaching gel and are interst on your upper and lower teeth. Let themselve for up to 30 minutes. The bands are inexpensive but effective.


DIY teeth whitening Others include whitening toothpaste and brush on liquid. You can use a whitening toothpaste in combi nation with bands, dental trays and brush on liquid.

In choosing a method of DIY teeth whitening, you need to consider your budget and the sensitivity of your teeth. Above all, be patient and do not expect instant results.

Source by Jamie Hawkings

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