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How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally Using Home Products

Use Home Products To Have Bright Teeth

A bright white grin is an indication of beauty and confidence in each culture. Using tough bleaching trays and bleaching strips may cause tooth sensitiveness, do not always work, and can be pricey. Professional laser lightening can cost hundreds of bucks and can be distressing. There are easy methods to forestall further marking of your teeth such as avoiding red wine, coffee, and other dark liquids. Brushing after each meal and replacing your toothbrush each 2 to 3 months also prohibits the formation of stains and plaque build up. If you want to rid your smile of marking and dullness there are natural ways to whiten your teeth that are effective and inexpensive.

Wood Ash

Fruit is important in maintaining a white smile. Strawberries are proved to have teeth bleaching properties. Carefully cut a strawberry width smart and carefully rub across your freshly brushed teeth. Be certain to rinse your mouth after rubbing the strawberry against your teeth to rid the mouth of citric acid. Lemon peels also have been shown to lighten your grin. Place a lemon peel in your mouth against your teeth for approximately 15 minutes then rinse your mouth with water.

Plants are good for your body and your teeth. Raw plants can act as natural teeth cleaners. Crunchy veggies such as carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and celery act as natural toothbrushes, riding the teeth of excess plaque helping to diminish staining.

Cooking Soda are also methods for natural white teeth. Baking soda is not just for cooking and deodorizing. Mixing baking soda and water to make a paste is a natural way to whiten your teeth. Apply the paste to a toothbrush and rinse with water.

Hydrogen peroxide is employed as an antiseptic and is found in teeth whitening products. Peroxide is inexpensive and is a standard household item. Using peroxide as a mouthwash not only naturally whitens your teeth but also kills germs in your mouth. Brush teeth as standard then swish around a mixture of peroxide and water for a minute then rinse your mouth with water. You can also mix peroxide with cooking soda to make a paste and brush.

Wood ash acts as a bleaching agent and quickly cleans teeth. You can brush with just wood ash or mix it with some toothpaste and brush your gnashers. Tiny crystals in the ash scrub stains away. Use caution using wood ash as a natural way to bleach your teeth – over a significant period time wood ash can scrape away teeth enamel.

Source by Douglas Boldt

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Teeth Whitening – A Permanent Solution?

Over time it's been observed that as one grows older the color of the teeth gets darker as a result of changes in the mineral structure of the tooth, leaving the enamel less permeable. Also food stuff, tobacco, is known to stain the teeth leaving it unattractive.

This change in the teeth color whether natural or substance induced has brought about the need and concern for Teeth Whitening. Teeth Whitening, also known as dental bleaching a common term and procedure in dentistry can be said to be the usage of bleach or other materials to remove stains and discoloration from the tooth surface to make the teeth look whiter.

There are various methods of Teeth Whitening; it could be done in a dental office when visiting a dentist, or at home using home-use bleaching products purchased from a local drug store. Home-use products for self treatment includes our very own toothpaste, bleaching trays, gels which all come with the manufacturer's manual for directions in usage.

The method of whitening treatment provided by Dentists is known as chairside bleaching. During this procedure, the Dentist applies a protective gel to the patient's gums and tissues, after which a whitening solution is applied to the teeth. Such whitening solution contains hydrogen peroxide, a bleaching agent used to remove surface and deep stains in order to improve the teeth color. After the gel application, light or lasers is shined on the teeth to accelerate the whitening agent making it last longer. It's well known that this bleaching treatment normally last between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

People with worn enamels, gum disease, sensitive teeth are advised against Teeth Whitening for the sake of mouth sensitivity when in contact with the treatment materials; moreover it's important to contact the dentist when such a procedure is being considered. Conclusively, Teeth Whitening really works and would definitely bring about a change in the teeth color and an improved smile, but it should also be noted that it's not a permanent solution and would require maintenance for a prolonged and lasting effect.

Source by Joe Okoro

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Glisten White Review – About Teeth Whitening


I decided to do this review and article on teeth whitening because I know a lot about the subject. I thought it would be beneficial to people that are unsure about teeth whitening or would like to know how it works. In particular I will be referring to a product called glisten white because I recommend it for home whitening and it is a good example of a gel.

The main reason why people want to whiten their teeth is because they are stained from their lifestyle such as drinking coffee and smoking etc. Teeth whitening can be extremely expensive and can have side effects so it is important to choose the right method. The best method for the home user in my opinion is a home tooth whitening kit. Home tooth whitening kits such as glisten white pretty much work the same way that is applied in the dentist. They both use a peroxide compound which “bleaches” the teeth.

The glisten white gel contains carbamide peroxide. The carbamide peroxide is the main ingredient which is used to whiten teeth. Carbamide peroxide basically “bleaches” teeth. The active ingredient is hydrogen peroxide, which acts as an oxidizing agent which is utilized to lighten the shade of the tooth. The oxidizing agent penetrates the porosities in the rod-like crystal structure of enamel and oxidizes interprismatic stain deposits; over a period of time, the dentin layer, lying underneath the enamel, is also bleached.

The main difference between teeth whitening by a dentist and using glisten white is the price. Teeth whitening by a dentist will cost around £300 whereas a glisten white kit costs £20 and is just as a effective. Glisten white works by wearing mouth trays with the gel in place. After a while of wearing them the gel takes affect and whitens teeth.

There are some side affects to teeth whitening which happens after long periods of use such as sensitive teeth. If the glisten white is used correctly though you will get results within two weeks and there has been a high success rate in clinical testing within other dentistrys.

If you are looking to whiten your teeth I do highly recommend glisten white because it is cheap and just as affective as other more expensive treatments. I hope this review and article on teeth whitening has helped.

Source by Connor McBroom

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Simple Opalescence Teeth Whitening System Directions

Opalescence teeth whitening system comes in kits that are for use at the dentist’s office, for the consumers to use at home, or for use during traveling, and then there is a kit for maintenance. The whitening ingredient in the Opalescence for home uses is carbamide peroxide. It is a lower dosage version of hydrogen peroxide, about 18% of the strength. Consumers can leisurely use the teeth whitener over a period of time, instead of visiting the dentist.

Depending on which Opalescence teeth whitening product that you are getting, you might have to get your teeth trays made at the dentist’s office. Your dentist can take an impression of your teeth, and have trays ordered for you. Custom teeth whitening trays fit your teeth perfectly, and ensure the maximum contact of the Opalescence bleaching gel onto the surfaces of your teeth.

If you are using an Opalescence teeth whitening system for home use, you need to brush your teeth before applying the Opalescence gel onto your teeth. You can use a Rembrandt or a Colgate teeth whitening product for better result. Dry you teeth before the application.

Make sure your teeth trays are clean and dry, apply Opalescence gel onto the bottom and top trays of the front teeth sections. Excessive application of the gel would cause spillage over the edge of the trays, and could cause irritations to the gums. One can use some tissue to clean up the spillage to avoid discomfort. The trays could be worn overnight if one is using a low Opalescence concentration, such as a 10% gel, or a 20% gel. When you’re done, or when your teeth become too sensitive, remove trays, brush and rinse teeth. Wash trays and leave them to dry. Repeat the process daily until the whiten result is achieved.

Opalescence teeth whitening system directions are not that hard. Yet you have to use the trays, and deal with the gel, and clean up the trays. The initial cost of the Opalescence teeth whitening system is affordable, but you have to pay for refills for the continuous maintenance.

Source by Vivien H Wu

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Teeth Whitening Strips – Do They Work

Everybody today wants to look good. There are many ways to make you look and feel good – one of it being having a perfect smile. A good smile is the best makeup one can wear; the best beautifying trait. However, in order that your smile has the power of attraction and charm you want, you need to have beautiful white teeth. If your teeth are yellow and stained then your smile could have the exact opposite effect from what you would want. Hence, you need to ensure that your teeth are as beautiful as possible. How can you ensure that?

What Do You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in different percentages to clear the stains accumulated over the years on the enamel of the teeth. Some procedures are highly effective, while some take longer to produce the desired effects. Most people choose a teeth whitening method based on the terms that are most suitable to them. The factors that influence this decision most often are two (i) quality of the product/ method and (ii) cost of the product/ method.

Accordingly, there are many methods to choose from – (i) professional treatment that are done by the dentist; (ii) home remedies; (iii) teeth whitening strips, (iv) Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening system; (v) Do It Yourself teeth whitening kits. Among all these, one of the most popular are the teeth whitening strips.

Do The Teeth Whitening Strips Really Work?

Most people prefer the teeth whitening strips because they are highly affordable and easy to use at home, any time. What you have to do is take the teeth whitening strips and press them over the teeth keeping them there for about 30 minutes. Though this is a very easy process, it does not give instant results. You would need to repeat this process two-three times a week over two to three weeks until you get the desired result.

The question whether the teeth whitening strips really work is not correct. The question should be, “does it work the way you wanted it/ expected?” In that case, one can say that this process is a little slow and might not give you the whitest of the teeth color. However, on the plus side is that it does remove stubborn stains and discoloration of the enamel which overall brightens the smile.

Whether it works or not depends upon what you are comparing it with. If you compare it with the professional teeth whitening process, then it is guaranteed that you would not really be happy with the results you are getting from the teeth whitening strips. However, if you compare the results with most of the do it yourself kits, then you will find that the teeth whitening strips wrk as good as any of them.

Caution About The Use Of Teeth Whitening Strips

There are a few dangers that need to be avoided when using the teeth whitening strips. For example, if you keep it longer than required, you might end up with sensitive teeth for a long time (sometime even for life) which is not something that one would look forward to. Another problem is that the gums might be affected badly if the instructions are not followed well.

Overall, the verdict is that the teeth whitening strips do work. This is a great way to have the teeth coloring fixed at the most affordable price and without too much hassles. However, if you want excellent results, you would need to go for the professional laser teeth whitening process, which though costs much more, would give you the desired results.

Source by Matt Wittchow

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Over the Counter Teeth Whitening – Does it Really Work?

You walk into your local drugstore looking for the toothpaste isle. Your mission is to figure out what is the best, efficient and most effective way to get your teeth pearly white. So many choices to choose from, where do you start?

Teeth whitening results vary considerably from person to person. Over the counter teeth whiteners have bleaching gel with a concentration lower than that of the professionally dispensed take-home whitener from your doctor.

Over the counter bleaching gel types are applied differently. The following are on the nearest shelf.

1.) One size fits all trays (Tray Based) – Placing a white gel placed in the tray and seated over the user's teeth.

2.) Tooth Whitening strips- Used as a "trayless" bleaching product

3.) Paint on applicators- the paint-on gel has been applied to a tooth's surface it solidifies so to form a invisible film. Should be left on for 30 minutes twice a day. There is a higher carbamide peroxide concentration in the paint on application.

4.) Whitening toothpastes and rinses

With proper handling and following the instructions, dramatic results usually began to show at the end of your second week of continuous use.

Over the counter products work best for those who have unrestored teeth and gums. Individuals who have yellow tones and superficial extrinsic stains respond to treatment quickly.

Office tooth bleaching products have a percentage of 9-40% of hydrogen peroxide concentrations whereas at home have a slower acting carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide has about a third of strength of hydrogen peroxide. In conclusion, the product you would find n the store will break down the discoloration, bleaching your teeth.

Teeth whitening procedures must be continuous and devout use. Most will see a change of two to seven shades. A great way to get started is to get a free trial. It is an inexpensive way to see which over the counter product works best for you!

Source by Triston Thompson

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Teeth Whitening – A Part of Self-Grooming These Days

First of all let's understand the concept of 'veneer' in the whole procedure of whitening of the teeth. Whitening of teeth is considered a very vital part of your personality and vigor these days, since it's considered a very much part of your beauty, hygiene etc.

So 'veneers' play an important role in the teeth whitening procedure, which has helped many patients to attain whiter teeth, since these days in the corporate world especially in professions related to glamour, flight attendants etc. require all this to be done as a must and can not compromise on such things.

So what's a veneer basically? In dentistry a veneer is described as a restorative material placed over a tooth surface either to protect a damaged tooth surface or to cover the flaws in the tooth. Two types of materials can be used in veneers, it maybe porcelain, the other material is composite and of course the price may vary as per the material used. A composite veneer is one, which is directly placed into the mouth of a person or fabricated in the dental laboratory by a professional dentist and later bonded to the teeth of the patient, using resin cement known as panavia, while on the contrary a porcelain veneer can only be indirectly fabricated.

'Veneers' were discovered in the 1930s by an American dentist by the name of Charles Pincus. The veneers produced initially by this American dentist were weak and fell off unless and until denture adhesives were used. Inspite of this drawback, this procedure was helpful to improve the appearance of the teeth of movie stars.

In those days only movie-stars were particular about whitening of teeth, since they belonged to the glamour world, but nowadays everyone of them is interested in anything which aids in enhancing the beauty of a person even by one percent. The major components of veneers are hydrofluoric acid and porcelain. The invention of veneers have proved to be a major boon to people working in the glamour industry like films, serials and also to some in the hospitality industries like airlines, hotels. where looks matter the most.

There are many home teeth whitening methods, but 'home teeth whitening method' implies you should be very careful in this sphere, since here you are the boss and you are not an expert, so you need to be doubly careful, but this article is not something to discourage you from using home whitening procedures, but to only remind you to be careful at whatever you do, it should not happen that you use some chemical to whiten your teeth and do not get the desired results.

A few tips on how to whiten your teeth at home:

A puree of strawberry and baking soda is very helpful in whitening of teeth before brushing with your regular tooth paste.

Brushing your teeth with hydrogen peroxide before brushing with your regular tooth-paste is also very helpful in the whitening of your teeth at home.

Common salt used along with your toothpaste is also very useful for home teeth whitening purpose.

Hence it proves that there are many procedures available in the market to whiten your teeth, but which one is most suitable for you is a personal choice and should be left to the individuals themselves.

Source by Sanjana Antony

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Teeth Whitening – How to Whiten Teeth in 7 Days Or Less?

There is a simple technique, which you can whiten your teeth with in 7 days flat. Teeth whitening procedures are famous the world over because they allow your yellow stained teeth to become sparkling white. But if you do not follow this technique, you would always have to be content with a pair of yellow teeth for the rest of your life. Please read on to avoid this scenario:

1. Brush Using A Medicated Paste

In order to remove the yellow stains from the outer surface of your tooth, you need to try and brush your teeth with a medicated paste. You can get medicated paste from an online store. It is different from a normal paste as it contains hydrogen peroxide which whitens teeth in a natural way. It has been noticed that people who do not brush their teeth using medicated toothpaste and a soft brush tend to get dark stains on their teeth.

2. Avoid Powdered Tea

To avoid staining your precious teeth, you need to try and avoid drinking tea, especially the one which is made from a machine. Tea powder tends to leave a mark on the outermost surface of your tooth and it can be quite damaging in nature. So, you should minimize the consumption of powdered tea and instead drink green tea.

3. Use A Whitening Gel

In order to whiten teeth in 7 days, you need to get home a home based tooth whitening product from an online store. You can use a whitening gel as it is easy to apply and easy to store. In fact, a gel can whiten your teeth in a matter of minutes. If you continue using a whitening gel on a daily basis, you would whiten your teeth in just 7 days flat.

If you want to whiten your teeth in 7 days or less, you need to brush your teeth twice daily, avoid drinking powdered tea and use whitening gels on a regular basis. If you fail to do so, you would never be able to flash that flawless smile and impress your date on your next meeting.

Source by Sharon M Smith

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Teeth Whitening – The Main Reason Behind Your Smile

Teeth whitening is also known as bleaching teeth. Nowadays, it is becoming popular option for the people who are seeking glittering smile. According to a latest survey, 74% of the adults believe that having less than a perfect smile could spoil the success in their career. Almost 100% of the adults surveyed said that it is important to have good smile to lead a good social life. About 96% of the adults said that good smile is very much essential to make good impression on opposite sex. It is of no wonder that the professional teeth bleaching has grown into a very huge industry a year after year.

The main cause of worry is the uninhibited aging

Years of drinking colas, tea, coffee, smoking and eating pigmented food can have catastrophic impact on teeth and thus turns them into filthy and yellow. Even after every meal if you brush your teeth, aging will definitely force your teeth to look awkward. The teeth luster will fade away with medicines and thus makes you look older than you really are. Getting back dazzling teeth in medieval ages was costly and time consuming. However, with advancement in technologies, there are some teeth whitening options for you. It is easier to get white teeth than you thought of.

These options are available in whitening

  • Nite white teeth whitening
  • Laser teeth whitening
  • One hour whitening
  • Dentist whitening
  • Over counter teeth whitening

Teeth whitening kits –

These kits will be customized by the dentist according to the needs of individual person. Whitening the teeth will install confidence in you by bringing back the luster of your teeth. Your smile will be widened with whitened teeth. With a smiley face, you will be able to attract people and will make you favorite of people.

Products for over counter Teeth Whitening:

Strips, Gels and Cleansing Swabs Cleaning swabs is the products that is used widely all over the world to whiten teeth. Strips and gels are not easy to use just like the swabs are used. In order to have quicker impact on teeth, people make use of swabs.

Dentist Teeth Whitening – Expensive Affair

Most of the people opt for dentist teeth whitening treatments. The convenience and ease of letting the dentist to whiten your teeth might be a good reason that you choose to give up home products. Discuss with dentist if you would like to get you teeth whitened professionally.

Laser and Nite Whitening –

The other options that are available to whiten your teeth are Nite and laser whitening. Only if your teeth are not naturally discolored, then the laser treatment is used. The other option of Nite uses a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and carbonate peroxide to whiten the teeth. Every person deserves a sizzling smile and if you have colored teeth, you can obtain the sizzling smile after the application of any one of the above applications that are mentioned above. You will be happy when you share your smile with others.

Source by Ray D. Stevens

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