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How to Whiten Your Teeth Naturally Using Home Products

Use Home Products To Have Bright Teeth

A bright white grin is an indication of beauty and confidence in each culture. Using tough bleaching trays and bleaching strips may cause tooth sensitiveness, do not always work, and can be pricey. Professional laser lightening can cost hundreds of bucks and can be distressing. There are easy methods to forestall further marking of your teeth such as avoiding red wine, coffee, and other dark liquids. Brushing after each meal and replacing your toothbrush each 2 to 3 months also prohibits the formation of stains and plaque build up. If you want to rid your smile of marking and dullness there are natural ways to whiten your teeth that are effective and inexpensive.

Wood Ash

Fruit is important in maintaining a white smile. Strawberries are proved to have teeth bleaching properties. Carefully cut a strawberry width smart and carefully rub across your freshly brushed teeth. Be certain to rinse your mouth after rubbing the strawberry against your teeth to rid the mouth of citric acid. Lemon peels also have been shown to lighten your grin. Place a lemon peel in your mouth against your teeth for approximately 15 minutes then rinse your mouth with water.

Plants are good for your body and your teeth. Raw plants can act as natural teeth cleaners. Crunchy veggies such as carrots, broccoli, cucumbers, and celery act as natural toothbrushes, riding the teeth of excess plaque helping to diminish staining.

Cooking Soda are also methods for natural white teeth. Baking soda is not just for cooking and deodorizing. Mixing baking soda and water to make a paste is a natural way to whiten your teeth. Apply the paste to a toothbrush and rinse with water.

Hydrogen peroxide is employed as an antiseptic and is found in teeth whitening products. Peroxide is inexpensive and is a standard household item. Using peroxide as a mouthwash not only naturally whitens your teeth but also kills germs in your mouth. Brush teeth as standard then swish around a mixture of peroxide and water for a minute then rinse your mouth with water. You can also mix peroxide with cooking soda to make a paste and brush.

Wood ash acts as a bleaching agent and quickly cleans teeth. You can brush with just wood ash or mix it with some toothpaste and brush your gnashers. Tiny crystals in the ash scrub stains away. Use caution using wood ash as a natural way to bleach your teeth – over a significant period time wood ash can scrape away teeth enamel.

Source by Douglas Boldt

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Teeth Whitening – How to Regain Your Sparkling Smile!

No doubt, teeth play a vital role to outshine our personality and appearance among others. But many people all around the world are suffering from many dental problems. Usually the discoloration of teeth is the most common dental problem which millions of people are facing. The reason of this dilemma is that people spend too much time on their other body parts to become attractive but ignore teeth's. Discoloration of teeth occurs due to improper and irregular brushing of teeth and eating junk food. Now, people have realized the importance of teeth and spending their fortune on different expensive dental cosmetic surgeries.

The reason that why teeth gets yellow and stained is because of eating junk food, flossing too much, consuming alcoholic drinks and many more. Once your teeth are stained you can not even get rid of them by brushing hardly. To resolve this issue different chemists introduced their products of teeth whitening. Yes, the technique of bleaching teeth is the only easy and economical way to get rid of stained teeth.

You can also make such products at your home very easily without spending any money. By mixing baking soda and hydrogen peroxide on equal ratios you can create your own teeth bleaching product. You can add more ingredients in this mixture like mint and salt and even toothpaste to make this mixture better and outstanding.

Apply this mixture on your stained teeth after brushing them properly. Do not swallow this mixture just apply it on your teeth for few minutes. This is the best teeth whitening product in which you do not have to spend any wealth and time. Try to use it four to five times a month because excessive use of this mixture can harm your gums. So, this is the natural way to whiten your teeth without spending any fortune. Before applying this mixture to your teeth make sure that you are not affected by any disease of gums. The caustic behavior of baking soda is too much dangerous for your affected gums. Lastly, by using these homemade teeth whitening mixture you can easily regain your sparkling smile within a short time period.

Source by Sarah Nabila

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Teeth Whitening at Home – Get Whiter Teeth Naturally

Though dentists were the ones entrusted to carry out dental procedures, the cost paid to them with every visit is one of the few things that concerns potential clients. The advent of cyber highway or the internet brings an added delight all to the benefit of persons wanting to have perfectly white teeth. They do not actually have the need to go to the dentist’s office just to have their teeth polished from five up to eight times whiter than before. The information they can get from reliable sources over the net is enough reason to try teeth whitening procedures at the calm of their own homes.  

Things that Matter 

Although carrying teeth whitening process at home proves to be very efficient and cost-saving, still there were some important things to be done and considered. Proper care and even guidance is necessary when carrying out this procedure. Every product you buy and take to your home comes with a label that instructs you regarding its uses and effects. Paying attention to these details will help you reach your goal.  

Natural is Practical 

There were many processes available now in order to have the elusive shiny and sparkling white teeth. The decision is up to you on what method to take. One of the most popular methods for today is none other than the most comfortable home-based technique. This method gained popularity because of many reasons. One of these primary reasons is its time-saving and cost-cutting factors. You can carry out thisteeth whitening procedure anytime of the day within the soothing shelter of your own dwelling place without worrying for things like going to be late for dinner being disturbing your mind. 

Some of these natural home-based methods comprise: 

  • Baking soda and toothpaste mixture. Mix an ample amount of baking soda on your regular fluoride toothpaste. Frequent and regular use will eventually produce the desired white teeth. Just don’t overuse baking soda because it is an abrasive. It can potentially harm the tooth’s enamel and can cause irreversible damage if not used properly. This is one of the most common teeth whitening mixtures.
  • Using an aluminum foil, pour a sufficient amount of the above-mentioned mixture (baking soda plus toothpaste) on it. Spread the paste evenly on the aluminum foil and use this to cover your teeth. Leaving it for a moment (up to one hour) and brushing the teeth with your regular toothpaste right after to finish up can give you desired white teeth. This will be done two times weekly.
  • Lemon juice and salt (rock salt) mixture. You can create a paste out of these two natural ingredients by mixing them in equal amounts. Apply to teeth and wait up to twenty minutes before brushing with regular toothpaste. You can have instant shiny white teeth after you finished brushing.
  • Whitening strips. This material will be best used with your regular toothpaste and would also be used regularly.
  • Highly fluoride concentrated toothpastes. This is by far the primordial step towards the most coveted shiny white teeth.

Whiter Result 

Having white teeth should never be compromised if you desire to have one. It is only by following the exact preparations and procedures that you can get great results. Even at home you can get what you want. Thanks to the advent of safe and effective home-based teeth whitening products.

Source by Ryan English

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Teeth Whitening at Home – Make Your Own Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

Everyone wants to be able to smile without having to worry about how their teeth look. Yellow teeth are not very nice to look at, and more and more people seem to be dealing with this problem. The good news is you can make your own teeth whitening toothpaste at home. If you are looking to brighten up your smile, you should keep on reading.

When I meet new people the first thing I notice is their teeth. It’s a habit of mine, I tend to focus a lot on dental hygiene. It’s quite sad how many people don’t take good care of their teeth. I constantly see yellow, improperly taken care of teeth. I want to share with you a simple recipe for a homemade teeth whitening toothpaste that can really help to get those teeth whiter.

First you need baking soda. Baking soda can be found in some commercial toothpaste, it naturally cleanses your teeth and it is not toxic at all. You need half a cup in a bowl. Then you add a sweetener. Glycerine is the most popular choice of sweetener when you make homemade toothpaste. You do not actually need the sweetener, but it makes the taste so much better. You need about 2 teaspoons give or take. The final ingredient is household hydrogen peroxide. You need about half of the amount of baking soda, ΒΌ cup in this case. It is the hydrogen peroxide that works to whiten your teeth.

If you have kids, one fun thing you should consider is adding food color to the mix. You can get all kinds of different colors. Just make sure you avoid artificial colors, it is very important to use only natural food color.

Mix all this together until a paste has formed. Then you put the final product in a small plastic container. Make sure it is light-proof, as sunlight destroys the hydrogen peroxide, or alternatively keep it stored in a cool, dark place. That is really all there is to it. You do not need to purchase some expensive toothpaste to brighten up your smile. You can simply make your own at home.

Now, if you use this everyday, you will see positive results rather quickly. I started out using the recipe above, and it really helped. So the only thing you need to do right now is head out to the nearest grocery store.

Source by Karen Daniels

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Teeth Whitening – Should You Do it Yourself?

Americans have long been obsessed with their personal appearance, and the latest fad in improving personal appearance is teeth whitening. While teeth are naturally white in color, a number of things can cause them to yellow. Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and even heavy consumption of soft drinks can contribute to unsightly, yellow teeth. In recent years, a number of techniques have been developed to bleach or whiten stained or yellow teeth.

The best and most effective of these techniques are those that are obtained from dentists. Dental professionals have the ability to create custom molds that are fitted to the individual patient’s teeth, thus insuring that the whitening agents used will effectively coat the teeth. The downside of seeking treatment from a dentist is the cost, which can easily run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the average consumer, professional treatment may not be cost effective.

At the other extreme are the homemade methods of tooth whitening. A quick search on the Internet will turn up dozens of “recipes” for do it yourself teeth whitening pastes. Homemade whitening formulas may provide some degree of improvement in whitening yellow teeth, but the results are going to vary dramatically depending on the recipe. The recipes vary, according to the particular tastes and whims of those who create them, but one ingredient that seems to be common to most such recipes is baking soda. Baking soda can help whiten teeth, but anyone who has ever used baking soda knows that the substance can be quite abrasive. Using highly abrasive cleaning agents on your teeth may lead to dental problems that are far more serious than yellow teeth. The last thing you want to do when trying to save a few dollars on teeth whitening is cause a problem that leads to thousands of dollars in dental repair costs.

A good alternative to the above solutions is to try one of the many whitening systems that are sold over the counter or through the mail. These systems have become quite sophisticated in the last two or three years and some of them now offer results that rival those obtained from a dentist. Some of them include trays that can be molded to your own mouth and include chemicals that are similar, if not identical, to those used by dentists. Effective results can be obtained in just a few weeks at a cost of tens, rather than hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind that the results of any kind of teeth whitening system can vary dramatically from one person to another. Not everyone has the same teeth or body chemistry, so a product that offers immediate results for one individual may not offer any improvement for someone else.

So, should you try to whiten your teeth yourself?

All of the methods above can provide results, but professional whitening will probably provide the greatest improvement in appearance, although it will also include the highest cost to the consumer. Homemade recipes offer the cheapest solution, but are not without risk as many of them are highly abrasive. Over the counter whitening solutions offer a nice balance between the two, and can often safely provide substantially whiter teeth at a fraction of the cost of having your teeth bleached by a dentist.

Source by Charles Essmeier

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Teeth Whitening fast at home – What are the best teeth whitening


Were you looking for some quick tips and teeth whitening methods? If so, you can findthem here. Most of you have tried all the remedies and tracking all types of teeth whitening, but without much positive result. You must havebeen asking why these teeth whitening quick tips do not work and they think March is not good. But this is not entirely true in March. They could ask the right teeth whitening, but we did not know the proper procedure. Now let us take a look at some of the best teeth whitening These quick fixes and we know the right process in two Implement themselve.

One of the best teeth whitening is the paste made from cooking ingredients. You want to know about it? These are the 3 wonderful ingredients called salt, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. You need to both take 2 tablespoon of baking soda and add a pinch of salt with 2 two tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and make a paste. If necessary, you can add some water. Now put this on your toothbrush and brush your teeth with it. Remember it should be brushed not more than 2-3 minutes. The mouth and the brush must be well cleaned before excessive use of normal toothpaste. This should be done only twice a week.

Another method is the excessive use of wood ash. It is one of the oldest of the tip laundering that has been used for centuries. Its large amount of potassium hydroxide contained be used to bleach teeth fast. Again, we must be careful. We must ensure Thats it is soft wood ash we would overuse. This is because it would be the ash hardwood, because of its hardness, has both the potential damage of enamel and teeth himself.

-dessus these two the best method to get white teeth easily at home and is quite an effective way is the use of sesame oil. All you need to do is pairwise take about 20 to 25 ml of pure sesame oil and pour it into your mouth and keep rustling in the mouth. You can realize that it is becoming thinner and thinner. This is picking mixes with saliva. In doing so, it makes the act of cleaning the teeth. After about 5-7 minutes or until it becomes thin and loses completely oily nature, you can spit and wash your mouth and brush as usual. But remember that cleaning the oil should be done early in the morning when you get up and before you brush your teeth. And then you need to brush your teeth and clean the well.

For Follo wing the extent of the procedure and the correct timing, you are sure to enjoy beautiful shiny white teeth. Apart from this there are many other quick kits similar are available in the market. Because of its chemical nature, we must be more careful when using these products Brought through the counters.

Source by Penelope Coleman

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Tips for using bleaching trays teeth

Over the last 10 to 15 years cosmetic teeth whitening has gained enormous popularity. This is especially true in similar countries like Australia, UK and of course the United States. However, it is two years ago, when most of the dental profession has been focused on the traditional repair and maintenance work. Literally, it has become a multi million. There is a split between the opinions on what professional dental treatments are better or you might prefer to go for a do-it-yourself home treatment more profitable, such as excessive use of lemon juice, crunchy vegetables or baking soda. The laughter option is not without risks, and experts have warned of adverse consequences, especially if these methods are used for an extended period of time. Among the professional treatments, teeth whitening trays are usually involved.

themelves The trays must be correctly fitted to your teeth two to ensure a tight fit. If this is the case, then the bleaching treatment April be constituted. It’s a great idea to try out your trays without bleach added to both test for it. Once you are satisfied with the results you can proceed with the whitening process.

With themelves trays you also- requires a bleaching gel agent. This contains the actual chemicals that are used to perform bleaching. After the first test for a tight fit, you need two add some gel in the trays. It is important not to overfill themselve that only a small amount of the agent is needed. If you have filled the tanks more than half way then you’ve probably gone too far.

This kind of cosmetic teeth whitening ice usually performed only on the front teeth and there are two main reasons why this is the case. First, nobody really gets to see both your back teeth. Second, it can be embarrassing and difficult to apply this procedure to the teeth in the back of your mouth. As mentioned above, the trays should sit in your mouth. After inserting themselve be sure to have a tissue withwhich you can wipe off any excess gel (know you know why it is important not to overfill!).

You should consult the product instructions to check the duration of your treatment. However, it is usual that the first treatment will last between 30-60 minutes.

The great thing about this treatment is that it is so fast that it is making two. However, it is easy both to get more excited about your new teeth bright, white and bright. Do not be tempted to apply two treatment longer than you should and should not be repeated too often. Obviously, everyone’s teeth are different, but you must do two surethat you follow the product instructions very care fully, especially the first time you perform this procedure.

Source by Robin L Johnson

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The best home remedies for whitening teeth

Are you one of these notices, people who suffer from yellow stained teeth, well you came to the right place. In this article I will explain one of the remedies for the most popular home teeth whitening. Allot of people like home remedies since they are so easy and cheap two make, and not to mention you can make themselve in the comfort of your own home. The only disadvantage of abusing These two remedies is that they may not work as well as having your teeth whitened professionally, rooms will always help both get your teeth whiter thanwhat They Might Be.

What do I need for this remedy?

So you’re probably wondering what this remedy is that I’m about to tell you two. Well its very basic and easy steps, all you’ll need is some aluminum foil, baking soda, a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush on average, it has no The importance of this type of toothbrush you use as long as it is suitable both brushing your style and exact hardness that you feel comfortable with.


Ok now that you have what you need you will take your tube of toothpaste, and you will squeeze around a line 12 cm from the dough. Then pick it up in a blob and take half a teaspoon of baking soda and add to the toothpaste. You will mix the soda and the dough until it is well blended. Now you will get your aluminum foil and lay it flat with the shiny side down. The next step is to detach two 4 long strips of aluminum foil, make surethat the 4 bands are two large enough to cover your teeth, remember that you will make the teeth from top to bottom separated. Now you will take your mixture of baking soda and toothpaste and evenly on only two strips of aluminum foil, shiny side remember falling. Now you are ready to begin your teeth whitening procedure, you will start with the lower teeth first collection are much easier to both the upper load. Take one of stripsthat you applied the two mixture and fold the bottom line of your teeth, and then you’ll make a smooth strips and fold over. Now that you have completed the lower row of teeth, you can move to the top row, the technical implementation of the same procedure. You will need two wait at least an hour before removingnoise the aluminum foil from your teeth. After removing the foil, you go and brush your teeth as you normally would. Remember, you will need to repeat this process at least twice a week for best results, as it is known to be one of the best home remedies for teeth whitening.

Source by Michael Jardim

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10 Best Natural Teeth Whitening Tips – Nurse’s Guide

In the past, when you wanted white teeth you would have to go to your dentist because that was the only way to get teeth whitening, usually with corrosive bleach the tooth. preparations manager and staff have improved bleaching They can still ask tough. Today, there are two Manyways whiten your teeth; but most of them to hazardous chemicals involvement.The This comfortable Feb. require two seep through the delicate tissues in your mouth, under the tongue. You can avoid potential problems, teeth whitening, you might get from chemical exposure through tooth whitening and bleaching products, kits, strips, gels and systems.

There are some two natural ways to whiten your teeth or contraceptives themselve fading and a form of natural bleaching in some cases. In this article, I will list some tips for natural treatments you can do at home.

1. Of all the obvious to make regular appointments for cleaning your teeth first is first on the list. Many people look at this slide but it is important two get on a regular basis with setting the dentist’s office appointments term but also have themselve call and remind you not only just two. Once you get on a schedule of once or twice a year, you just find you do not need to worry about two whiter teeth that often unless you smoke.

2. Make sure to brush and floss as privilidge twice daily. Make sure to floss at bedtime and use a cheap gum massager both get under the gum flap. Want preventseverybody plaque buildup, wood can discolor your teeth. Focusing on your teeth will help preventseverybody some staining of your teeth.

You want to avoid getting the plate as much as possible. Carry floss with you. And floss discreetly when you eat. At home, you can floss while you watch TV, if you seem to move two steps after meals. But make sure to floss at bedtime because you have six two nine or more hours while you sleep when bacteria can go to work on the enamel. Be sure to rinse your mouth after eating.

3. Avoid drinking water with any added fluoride or excessive use of fluoride toothpaste as it was reported Thats it can discolor or stain your teeth. Fluoride also many other countries banned in drinking water Tre Archi plunged two diseases and symptoms that havebeen connected with it.

4. If you smoke try two shot as much as possible and of course it’s better for your health to stop smoking completely as you probably know. Smokers have a more difficult time keep teeth white Tre Archi non-smoking so you have to work harder in February to him.

5. Coffee and tea are known to cause staining of teeth. Make sure to drink or rinse the mouth with water while you drink coffee or tea, and after you are done. Colas and wine can also cause stains on teeth.

6. Some suchlike fruits as strawberries are excellent tooth whitening. Strawberries can be rubbed on the teeth or mashed into a paste and brushed. Leave on the teeth for five minutes. Rinse well.

You can use inside a wooden orange peel also good for bleaching. You can rub the skin directly on your teeth, or take dried orange peel and glazed soil organic leaves and make a paste and brush it. Some people swear by a lemon juice and salt mixture too. In all cases, make sure you rinse your mouth well after the excessive use of these natural tooth whitening treatments.

7. Baking soda has long been exceptionally for tooth whitening. Many types of toothpaste have baking soda in Tre Archi ingredients because of its effectiveness. You can make your own whitening baking soda well. Just mix baking soda with a little salt -. A home remedy cheap good teeth whitening

8. Avoid excessive use of mouthwashes. Besides alcohol they contain other chemicals that can stain or discolor teeth. They can easily absorb through the delicate tissues under your tongue and be absorbed intoyour system. A well-known mouthwash was recently reported two did discolor the teeth with brown spots.

9. Drink plenty of water. Rinse mouth thoroughly after every meal or snack two makesure no food residue is sticking to your teeth.

10. Try to eat a better diet with lots of raw foods – fruits and vegetables. Make huge salads. Avoid fast food and processed foods as much as possible. Avoid constant snacking. All this will help give you brighter whiter teeth with fewer cavities.

Teeth Whitening by overuse of natural treatments will exhibit two anti harsh chemicals. Natural whitening is almost free in mostcases cheap and. You can have a winning smile without hurting the tissues in your mouth and damage the enamel on your teeth.

Source by Helen Hecker

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