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Watch Out for the Heart Attack Signs

More often than not, you tend to take the occasional chest clutches seriously because as per the societal notion, you think it may further lead to a cardiac arrest. And this is where you get yourself wrong. Not all the heart problems happen in your chest, there can be other alarming symptoms in other parts of your body too, that are directly related to your heart, especially if you are overweight, a diabetic, have high cholesterol, or high blood pressure. This article enlists four problems you should watch out for to keep heart-related issues at bay. Read on!

Upset Stomach, Nausea and Indigestion

If you have been feeling sick in your stomach for a longer period of time, and having heartburns periodically, the symptoms call for a doctor’s attention immediately! Belching, vomiting, and persistent discomfort in your belly can ultimately lead to a heart attack as well. These are the less typical heart attack symptoms, and women are more likely to report such cases. A stabbing pain in the upper or middle of the abdomen for more than a few minutes can lead to a heart attack without even giving you chance to guess what it’s like to be struck by a chronic ailment.


Feeling dizzy and lightheaded is another disturbing symptom related to heart problems. What about feeling faint? Usually, such instances occur when the blood supply to your brain has dropped to the lowest possible level. But little do you care to know that it has happened because your heart rate is abnormal, that your heart can’t pump the blood adequately maybe due to the narrowing of a valve, or a rapid yet temporary drop in the blood pressure. A feeling of uneasiness, or dizziness while standing up too fast, all indicates that your heart is on the verge of a failure and you need to consult a cardiologist soon.

Unexplained Weakness

Do you get tired easily in doing simple chores of the day? Does your body give up even while engaging in activities that you loved to attend to before? All of this calls for the attention of a cardiologist immediately! Having difficulty in performing everyday chores such as climbing stairs, walking, carrying groceries indicates a heart failure. An increasing fatigue is a result of weak muscles and tissues that are unable to function well because the blood pumping ability of the heart has reduced.

Cough Producing White or Pink Mucus

A long-lasting cough producing pink or white colored mucus is downright related to the heart problems. Coughing up foamy mucus indicates you are falling short of life as your heart is worsening quickly. However, this happens in the case of sudden heart failures causing the fluid to build up in lungs eventually leading to shortness of breath, fast heartbeat, and coughing every now and then. Most of the patients die because of congestive heart attacks due to ignorance. It is therefore, very important to contact a cardiologist immediately after coughing up pink mucus.

Wrapping Up

If you have noticed some unusual changes in your body, feel choked, or find yourself in an uncomfortable state, it’s time to contact a specialist. If diagnosed with a heart failure which isn’t very easy to fix, you can only make some simple lifestyle changes to reduce the risks in future.

Source by Rahul Tyagi

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Ayurvedic Herbal Treatment of Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)

Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) refers to a group of blood disorders resulting from a dysfunction in the bone marrow. This causes ineffective blood production resulting in symptoms such as anemia, fatigue, recurrent fever, heart disease, and bleeding from different parts of the body. A reduction in the immune response of the body can result in recurrent infections which may have a fatal outcome. In the late or severe stage of the disease, the patient may suffer from shock and serious secondary infection which may cause death. When there is no known cause of the disease, it is known as primary MDS. This condition is known as secondary when it results from known causes such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, viral infection, exposure to chemicals, and having a genetic disposition to the disease.

Patients suffering from MDS are conservatively treated with packed cell transfusions which temporarily alleviate the situation; however, this can result in a buildup of excess iron in the body and result in long-term complications over time. The administration of medicines like ATG can result in improvement in about 30-60 percent cases; however the response is unpredictable and wanes over time, in addition to the treatment being prohibitively costly. In this scenario, treatment with Ayurvedic herbal medicines can be quite safe and effective in the long run. It is important to initiate treatment at the earliest in order to get maximum therapeutic benefit from treatment and a long-term remission or cure.

MDS is different from aplastic anemia in that, in addition to a lack of red blood cells and white blood cells, there are morphological abnormalities in the cells. The greater the percentage of abnormalities in the cells, the poorer is the overall long-term prognosis in affected individuals. Ayurvedic herbal treatment is focused on treating the bone marrow so as to help generate healthy white and red cells. Treatment consists of herbal and herbomineral medicines which act on the bone marrow and form the mainstay of treatment; these need to be given in high doses and for prolonged periods. Herbal medicines can be safely given for prolonged periods without any major adverse effects and are also quite economical in the long run. Medicines can be given orally in the form of tablets, and are overall quite easy to administer.

Panchkarma treatment, which forms the mainstay of treatment for serious medical conditions, is quite effective in the management of MDS as a supplementary treatment modality. Use of Panchkarma procedures helps in promoting a faster response, reduced treatment time, as well as lesser doses of required medicines. A special Panchkarma procedure known as basti (medical enema) is used very successfully in the management of various disorders. A specialized form of basti known as Tikta Ksheer Basti is utilised in MDS treatment. This consists of a series of courses of administration of milk treated with herbs. This is prepared by boiling milk with different bitter herbs which include mainly Guduchi (Tinospora cordifolia). About 100 ml of this medicated milk is administered as enema. This procedure is quite simple and can be safely given to patients of old age too without any risk of side-effects or complications.

Depending upon the severity of the condition, treatment for MDS needs to be given for periods ranging from 6 to 9 months. Complications like acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) are quite well-known in patients suffering from MDS. Such complications too can be treated successfully with Ayurvedic herbal medication and Panchkarma treatment. It is important to aggressively treat this disease so as to obtain an early remission and prevent a relapse. After this, treatment can be gradually tapered over several months. Additionally, it is also important to monitor the patient for the next few years so as to detect a relapse of the condition. Relapses can be treated with short booster doses of treatment ranging from two to three months or more.

Serious medical conditions like MDS can be successfully and efficiently managed with the help of Ayurvedic herbal treatment and Panchkarma procedures. Ayurveda thus has a significant role to play in the management of MDS.

Source by Abdulmubeen Mundewadi

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Why Does Chocolate Make a Good Gift?

Everyone loves chocolate! There’s a type of chocolate for everyone! For every budget there’s a chocolate gift that’s just right! Being able to find the perfect gift of chocolate is easy! Just look for the type they eat normally during the year. Check out what they love eating – the stuff they don’t share might well be their favourite!

It’s easy to ask well in advance of a birthday or Christmas what sort of chocolates they like the best? Make a note of it so you don’t forget and then when it is present buying time you have all the ammunition you need to ensure they get the perfect gift.

Some people like dark rich chocolate that is bitter yet very sensual to eat. Some love the smooth soft taste of the white chocolate, and some love milk chocolate!

Should you look for a large box of what they like or buy a couple of different lots? It’s entirely up to you – but bear in mind what they like. If they like lots of different types then they will be touched to know you’ve remembered and got some of each for them! This can be a very thoughtful gift if you’ve taken the time to track down hard to find brands.

Wrapping them is fun! If you buy one large box then wrap it carefully, remembering to hide the edge part of the paper under the box! Brighten it up with a bow in a corner and a label so they know who it’s from. You can buy ready wrapped boxes from places like Thorntons – many other places will gift wrap if you ask though!

If you are buying several individual items then you can either wrap them all in one parcel, or wrap them individually. It looks more impressive sometimes to give a big box of items – but lots of little items all stacked up can be quite a lovely sight to behold! If you’re doing separate parcels then tie them altogether with a nice ribbon for a lovely looking present!

You will find this sort of gift goes down well with members of your family who you might otherwise struggle for ideas for!

Source by Diane Drinkwater

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Hardest Job in Football?

All football supporters have one hatred in common and that is the "wanker in black". This person has the ability to affect the outcome of any game. Their mistakes can be more costably than that of a keeper and yet we only have semi pro's doing these important roles. Any club will have countless examples where they have been on the end of a wrong decision and it never gets any less frustrating. This is not helped when some refs seem determined to make headlines by doing things that are completely outrageous. In fact in many cases I am sure that refs are only trying to complete their autograph collection and that's why they book certain players.

As a old Chelsea supporter I remember when we were in 10th place and playing teams at the top of the league all the decisions went their way way, now we are up there we get the decisions. This can not just be coincidence and this only adds to the "gulf" between the top and the bottom of the premiership. As a club fighting for survival in the premiership a bad decision has the potential to be devastating at the end of the season. To sum all this upseeing is sub standard.

There have been many ideas about how to improve the decisions the one that is always mentioned in bringing in technology and this to me is not the way forward. I agree that technology can play a part maybe line sensors that let you know when there is a goal. (Similar to ice hockey just not as OTT) the reason I think this is good is that there has been an increase in the numbers of goals that have not been given the largest that springs to mind is the one for Tottenham against Man U last season . The line sensors would have picked that up but for a change you can not totally blame the officials who were up with play its just play was so far away from the goal line due to the distance of the shot. However I think that to just technology such as replays like they do in rugby or cricket would be a big mistake. All football fans like to see nice streaming football and already get annoyed when games stop and start, if you start putting in breaks for replays it will be a nightmare. You would also find that it would cause as many arguments as it avoids. For example your team are attacking and have the opposition pinned in their box then there is a break for a replay your team could lose all their momentum they have built up.

I do think that there are alternatives to technology the best for me is to look at the rules. The Rules are subjective because there has to be intent they have to be interfering with play and many other things alone these lines. In fact the referees should have to have degree in physiology to be able to make some decision. Did the player intentionally block the attacker even though he has his back to him and there was nowhere else for him to go? Who knows the only one who knows is the defender but the fact remains he has still block his path. However for me the worst rule is the offside rule. Any of you who play on a Saturday or a Sunday and have had the misfortune to have to run the line will know that it is not as easy as it looks to call the offside correctly (admittedly in any league I've played in the rule Is a little different it goes more like it the player beats the defense and looks like scoring he's offside) I think the main problem is that the rule require you to be looking alone the line and watching the play so you can see when the ball is Played. While willingly trying to look in two directions at once you also need to ask yourself "Is he interfering with play?" I'm not saying that I have all the answers but when asking this much from a human being there is always going to be mistakes.

Another thing that I had not considered until speaking to my girlfriend (who until recently had no interest in football therefore looking at it completely different to me) do we really want perfect decisions. She pointed out that we all talk about the decisions and most discussions come from bad ones. If there were no bad decisions we would be happier or would we just have to find something else to talk about. Are the bad decisions made by referees one of the points that make football the most talked about sport in Britain?

To Sum up referees are not up to Scratch. I feel at the very least they need to become professional so that they can concentrate on being fit enough to keep up with the games. I believe that some rules could be simplified to make them more black and white and I also think that technology can be used but should not be allowed to interfere with the great game.

Source by David Runacre

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