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The 3 Stages of Texting a Girl – A Guide for PUA’s and Normal Guys Too

So you’ve got her number. And you have a beautiful memory of your first encounter. Lots of smiles, seductive glances, and a great connection. She seemed really into you, and you totally charmed her.

And now it’s time to continue that connection and seduction with texts, to do it just right and set up the first date. This is where most guys have trouble and often mess it up. Where she just doesn’t reply or starts putting off meeting you. Somehow, because of bad texting, the spark just left;

“But Why?!” These guys ask themselves in vain. “We were getting on so well! What happened?”

The thing is that after that first interaction, her emotions were high and she remembered you so well. But as time passed, she went about her life and did many things and if your first texting is not equally strong, she won’t be able to find and feel again those first emotions that she felt with you, and if that happens she won’t feel an urge to meet up with you again.

But not to fear my friend! There are some key, simple rules to follow with texting that will bring back her emotions and attraction to you, and guarantee that you meet for a date. Before we get into it, here is one essential thing to remember with texts;

The Tricky Thing About Texts

With texts you have to choose your words very carefully, because that is all you have – Words. 7% of communication is words, 38% is the tone of your voice, and 55% is your body language. So in person or even on the phone, you are so much more powerful in your communication.

Never think that texting can compare to that personal interaction – the goal with texts is to remind her of the fun energy and attraction you had, and then work towards getting her on that date. All the time creating that air of playfulness, teasing and non-neediness.

Never try to build rapport by text, or carry out a deeper conversation. Without your eyes, voice and body behind it you won’t be creating attraction.

But what you can do with texting is tease her, get her a little excited and set up that first date. Without further ado, here are the 3 stages of effective texting;

Stage 1: The First Text

Your first text is very important. Make it strong, playful and aim to remind her of the attraction and emotions she felt in that first interaction.

Send it an hour or two after you met. Just as she is beginning to forget about your meeting. Boom, you text and all those feelings come back.

Don’t ask for a date here, we’re just making a connection and being a bit cheeky, playful, funny.

The best thing is to bring a back a joke you both shared, perhaps in her nickname, or any other part of the text. If you were joking about how she’s dressed all one colour, say; “Hey, lady in yellow,… ” if she’s crazy about French movies say; “Hey Amelie,… “

And then just a brief, cocky and funny message to say hi. That is all. Here is a great example from Tom Torero; “Hey sunbather Sophie, random but cool to meet you. Are you always so friendly to new people or was it the blue sky? Tom”

And here is a cockier, funnier one from Gareth Jones (my personal favorite); “Hey, it’s Gareth. Save this number, it’s the most important one you’ll ever get” (with a winking face at the end).

If she replies, great. Have a little conversation, 2/3 texts, not more. Then say gotta go, chat soon. No need to overdo it here, just keep it low pressures, casual and friendly. She will be charmed by the jokey, confident, but laid back attitude.

If she doesn’t reply, you can send her a playful reminder text 1 or 2 days later; “That’s it we’re getting a divorce. Call your lawyer, you can keep the cat.” Or something like that. “Hmmm, my mother warned me about girls like you… ” Or you can just send her the ping text in stage two;

Stage 2: Ping Texts

A general rule is it’s good to stay in touch every other day or every 3 days. To keep in her mind. So two days after the initial meeting and text, send her a funny ping text like these;

“Hey, just walked past the Starbucks and thought of you. Enjoying the sunshine today?” “Just saw a cat that looks like you.” “In a park with a coffee and a good book.” “Just saw something that reminded me of you… wow” “Quick question; red or white wine?”.

These are called ping texts, and they are beautiful.

You’re not generally asking a question of them, and you’re not asking her to go on the date you talked about. But you’re sending her a pressure-free, interesting text that she will reply to.

When she does reply, you can have a bit of banter, then;

Stage 3: Set Up the Date

A great way to prepare a date is to think about what she likes, from your first interaction. It’s always a good idea to find these things out. So, if she loves art, you want to meet in or near an art gallery. If she likes sushi, think of a great sushi place, if she’s an actress, think of something related to acting, etc.

Then, when you suggest it, say it like this; “They’re showing a fantastic exhibition at the Tate Modern by the river, does that sound good to you?” or “I know an amazing sushi place in Soho. It has the freshest fish, a Michelin star chef from Tokyo, and a cool, quirky atmosphere. Does that sound good to you?”

When she replies that it does sound good, to arrange a time and date, ask when she’s free next week. Or just say; “Great, what’s better for you – Wednesday or Friday afternoon?” Giving the choice is better. Don’t ask yes / no questions. I have to give full credit to Gareth Jones for this style of asking for dates, which have worked wonders for me and will for you too.

You see here that because you’re choosing something she loves and would love to see, she is inclined to say yes. You are showing that you were paying attention and that you already understand her quite well. You ‘re also offering the date in a way that gives her no chance to think and resist – it’s all so smooth and tempting, just like the entire seduction process should be. And there are your three stages of incredible texting!

Source by Mark Mourinho

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What Does DVDRip, DVDSCR, CAM, R5, TS and TC Mean

To everyone who once wonder what DVDRip, DVDSCR, CAM, TS, TC, and R5 mean. Those are Video Quality names. When you are going to download a movie is important to know what does mean all this words in the name of the archive, because you dont want to spend time downloading a movie and find out the quality of the movie is not as expected.

DVDRip: Is a copy of a original DVD. The quality is excellent (DVD Quality). DVDRip Quality is ready to download when Original DVD is in the market. DVDrips are released in SVCD and DivX/XviD.

Worth to Download? YES

DVDScr: Or DVD Screener, usually is a copy of a PROMO Dvd. The DVDScr is out before the original DVD is in the market. Video usually comes with water marks in the video, clock counters and legends. Sometimes in some parts of the Movie video turns in black and white.

Quality is good.

Worth to Download? YES

R5: Refers to a specific format of DVD released in DVD Region 5, the former Soviet Union, and bootlegged copies of these releases that are distributed on the Internet. In an effort to compete with movie piracy, the movie industry chose to create a new format for DVD releases that could be produced more quickly and less expensively than traditional DVD releases. Quality is good because video is ripped directly from a DVD.

Worth to Download? YES

CAM: A cam is a theater rip usually done with a digital video camera. A mini tripod is sometimes used, but a lot of the time this wont be possible, so the camera make shake. Also seating placement isn’t always idle, and it might be filmed from an angle. Quality is awful.

Worth to Download? NO

TS: Or Telesync, is the same spec as a CAM except it uses an external audio source. A direct audio source does not ensure a good quality audio source, as a lot of background noise can interfere. Quality is awful.

Worth to Download? NO

TC: A telecine machine copies the film digitally from the reels. Sound and picture should be very good, but due to the equipment involved and cost telecines are fairly uncommon. Quality is regular.

Worth to Download? NO

Source by Ricardo Wagner

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The Secret Meanings of a Praying Hands Tattoo

The praying hands tattoo is a very expressive religious tattoo. There are many religious tattoos to choose from in today’s market, but it is one of the most popular. Of course, your religious beliefs are a personal choice. The decision to get a religious tattoo is also. Body art is often a sign of religious expression. Before you get a praying hands tattoo, consider it carefully, though. Be sure that your faith is that important to you. Consider whether or not a praying hands tattoo is an appropriate expression of it. That way, won’t regret it later on.

The history behind the praying hands tattoo symbol begins with Albrecht Daurer, who was a German artist. He painted the praying hands as a gift for the Mayor of Frankfort, in the 15th century.

The story goes that the hands were meant to represent Daurer’s brother’s hands. You see, their family couldn’t afford to support two artists. So, even though Daurer’s brother was an artist too, one night a coin was flipped and Daurer’s brother lost.

Therefore, he had to go work in the mines, in order to support the family. Daurer painted “The Praying hands” in tribute to his brother and people who get a praying hands tattoo today are expressing the same sentiments of religion and family.

Actually, a praying hands tattoo can have many meanings today. Sometimes it is done as a prayer to remember a family member or friend who has died. It can also represent a trial or hardship that a person has come through. Sometimes parents get the praying hands tattoo themselves and have it inked onto their children, too. They do that to represent their parental bond and guidance. Some people get a praying hands tattoo because they feel that it will help them to rise up out of a deep depression. Some get one as part of the grieving process when someone they know dies. No matter what the specific reason for getting one is, the general reason is religious belief and comfort.

While the painting of the praying hands is used as a model, there are variations. Each religious tattoo artist is different, too. They all have unique characteristics. So, be sure to find a praying hands tattoo design and an artist that both suit your wants. It may take some time, but it will be worth it to you, in the long run.

When it comes to religious tattoos, it is especially important that they be accurate. To select the proper artist to ink on your praying hands tattoo, there are a few things you can do. First, talk to others with religious tattoos. Also, get references. Talk to artists in several tattoo parlors. Make sure the artist is licensed, too. That can help you get the best possible praying hands tattoo, one which you can be proud of for life.

Source by Wincent Loh

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Carbon Paper Vs Carbonless Paper

Both carbon and carbonless paper can be used to make copies of documents without any electronic devices. There are differences in each kind, both in how they are made and their uses. Overall, 3-part carbonless paper is a more popular option than carbon paper alternatives, and here is why.

Carbon paper is the original version of electronic-free document copying. It is coated on one side with a dark, ink-like substance that usually contains carbon. It makes copies with the creation on the first document.

A sheet is put in between the original and blank sheet the user wants the copy to appear on. They write or type onto the original and the pressure from the application puts ink onto the blank sheet. This creates a carbon copy.

Carbon paper was first used around the 19th century with a patent for something called a stylographic writer. A few years later, another inventor created a typewriting machine using carbon paper as part of its function. This means carbon paper was discovered and growing around the same time.

Carbonless paper, also known as NCR paper, is a better and more popular alternative to carbon paper. It is stain free and biodegradable and easier to transfer. It also relies on pressure from a writing utensil in order to create the chemical reaction that leaves a copy on pages below the top copy.

To make two copies of a document, papers would have a white top sheet and one colored second sheet below. This is called a two-part or duplicate. To make three copies, there is a white top sheet and two colored sheets directly below. This is called a three-part or triplicate. Four copies would be called a four-part or quadruplicate.

Sometimes, users requires stacks of ten or more copies. This is easy to do with NCR paper. Carbonless copy paper is supplied to the end user collated in pads or books. They are bound into sets using glue or staple. Loose sets or continuous stationary is widely used in printers. Businesses can also specially order as many stacks of carbonless copy paper as needed.

For a 3 part carbonless paper, there are three sheets. The first is the CB sheet that is the original to be copies. The bottom part of the sheet is coated in a layer of microcapsules that contain color formers.

The CFB sheet is second. The top side is coated with a receptive layer which reacts chemically with the color former on the top CB sheet. On the bottom of the sheet, a transfer layer with microcapsules transfers the copy to the last sheet.

The third sheet, or CF sheet, is on the bottom of the set. The top side is the receptive layer which reacts with the microcapsules color former on the sheet above it. The receptive layer is most often manufactured using activated clays.

Carbon and carbonless paper is mostly used to make copies of receipts. It serves as a backup operation in case computer systems fail. These paper options are also used to transfer invoices, service tickets, sales order, and purchase orders. Carbon and carbonless paper is used by modern artists as a surface for beginning a painting.

Carbon paper has some unique uses. Police offers use carbon paper for evidence vouchers. Prison inmates are required to use carbon paper when writing letters or other notes so the prison has a copy. Business forms utilize carbon paper for purchase orders and invoices. Banks and small firms are the biggest buyers of carbon paper.

Carbon paper is also commonly used among tattoo artists. The artists can practice draw designs and show it to the customer as they work on it, making changes as needed. The paper is moistened and pressed to the skin to leave a carbon outline. Customers can also bring in a design or message they want tattooed and carbon paper transfers it.

Carbonless paper can be used for these uses and more. Quotes, legal forms, employment applications, insurance forms, proposals, and delivery forms all use carbonless paper. NCR paper can also be used for requisition forms, tracking manifests, and contracts.

Source by R Potts

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About Chinese Tattoo Symbols – 5 Reasons Why Chengyu Can Make a Killer Chinese Tattoo

Chinese tattoo is becoming increasingly popular these days. While popular Chinese tattoo symbols such as the Chinese equivalent for “love”, “strength”, “brave” have become many’s first choice when it comes to getting a Chinese tattoo, more people are starting to be more concerned about uniqueness and originality. Instead of settling over “popular” Chinese tattoo ideas, they want something more special that can truly shine of one’s personality. For these people, Chengyu might very well be a lovely cure.

Chengyu, or Chinese idiom, is a special type of idiom in Chinese language. They are usually composed of four characters, with very few exceptions (a handful of Chengyu are in three or more than four characters). Most Chengyu is derived, directly or with slight changes, from ancient Chinese literature. Therefore, Chengyu often appears to be “odd” in structure and grammar, compared with modern Chinese language. Yet, from a tattooing perspective, Chengyu are extremely fit for tattoos, probably the best source for Chinese tattoo symbols. Followings are the detailed explanations of why Chengyu turns out to be a “Natural Born Killer” for tattooing.

1. Chengyu is rich and deep in meaning

If there’s only one thing worth mentioning about Chengyu, then it would be its tricky meaning. The thing is, you can never judge a Chengyu by its literal meaning. Since Chengyu is often derived from ancient literature, it actually serves as describing a contextual situation behind what’s on the table, rather than conveying its literal meaning.

For example, Po Fu Chen Zhou is a Chengyu that literally means “break cooking pots and sink boats”. Yet, what this “strange” idiom actually means is “to show one’s determination to achieve goals at any cost”. This Chengyu originated from a historical battle in which the general ordered his soldiers to break all the cooking pots and sink the boats so that there would be no retreat whatsoever. This extreme method worked and the army finally won the battle, which gave birth to Po Fu Chen Zhou as an inspiring idiom. In fact, you can see this as the Chinese version of “Go For It”.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you can have a meaningful Chinese phrase as a tattoo? You can always find the answer from Chengyu.

2. Chengyu is cultural-abundant

As a special type of phrase, Chengyu has a lot to do with Chinese culture. From its wording to its connotation, Chengyu can even be regarded as a spokesman of Chinese culture to some extent. This richness in culture surely give Chengyu a huge advantage for tattooing, in that people often want their Chinese tattoo to be genuine “Chinese”. With Chengyu, you can easily do that.

3. Chengyu is more than large in numbers

If you were concerned about whether there are enough Chengyu for you to select from in order to be both unique and smart, you can be rest assured. Chengyu is not only large in numbers, it’s actually Huge in numbers. There are at least 3,000 Chengyu in common usage among modern Chinese language, while there are around 10,000 legitimate Chengyu altogether, with thousands of varieties. The thing is, you can always find a nice Chengyu for tattooing that nobody has ever inked before.

4. The four-character-style gives Chengyu a tattoo-friendly look

As we have discussed before, Chengyu always appears to be in four characters, which is a linguistic custom to express comfortably in Chinese. Somehow, this four-character-style is quite favorable for tattooing. While a single-character tattoo looks concise and smart to some extent, it’s not easy to instantly stand out of the crowd with its fairly small size. With a four-character Chengyu you can easily do this. Besides, it’s plainly impossible for one character to convey as much as meaningfulness and uniqueness as a four-character Chengyu.

5. Chengyu is smart for tattooing

It finally boils down to this: Chengyu is smart for tattooing. There are countless Chengyu out there with bright, positive, or inspiring meanings that would make an amazing Chinese tattoo. The choices are just unlimited. With its special way of expressing, odd grammar, richness in culture and four-character-style, Chengyu is totally fit for tattooing, in a smart way.

Source by Fanyun Ding

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Why Use a Letterhead?

A letterhead does not only represent a company but shows professionalism on correspondents made in the name of a company. A blank paper is bare and an important document printed on it lacks the seriousness of the correspondence. Instead of looking like an application letter or personal letter, a letterhead shows an importance and urgency to whatever is written on a paper.

A simple design and arrangement of the company name, the logo and other important information is placed at the top of the page. The logo should be the same as all the logos that represents the company. It should be uniform and not changed any time the company feels like it. The fonts used for the company name should also be the same as the company billboards, or other items that has the company name on it.

Remember that any written document from the company should come from the company only. The letterhead is an evidence of that. It is the extension of the company’s reputation and business in the form of papers, envelopes, brochures, etc. Company papers should not be used for just anything. It should be used only for business purposes. Anything written on it will reflect the involvement of the company and the people who works there.

As agreed there should only be one plate made if it is for mass printing on a specific size of paper. Which follows that only one plate is made for other sizes like envelopes, notepads and such. This will assure that the same measurement and distance are printed on the paper and will not be different from one another. The paper should also be of best quality. It does not have to be very expensive as long as the quality is good. There are a lot of inexpensive quality paper that you can buy, just be consistent as well. Choose one that fits the image you want to project for your company.

Telephone numbers, licensed numbers, branch addresses and other pertinent information should also be correct and not misleading. Once a detail is changed the letterhead should be changed accordingly. It is such a drag when clients call the telephone numbers on the letterhead and no one answers or the telephone number has already been discontinued.

A letterhead shows that your company is serious with your business and is more than willing to assist. It is a silent way of representing your company to clients and would be clients. It serves as an advertisement for the company as well and is known to attract more clients. In fact, letterheads increase the list of clients because it looks so professional and would surely impress them. Design a letterhead now best suit your company.

Source by Matthew Stanton

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Who Invented Skittles?

Skittles were devised by a gentleman who was named, by no coincidence, Mr. Skittle. Mr. Skittle one day looked up at the rainy sky of England, and saw a rainbow arching over his house. His curiosity led him to think what a rainbow would taste like. This is where Skittles catch phrase comes from: “taste the rainbow.” Mr. Skittle began to experiment with a myriad of different flavored candies in order to taste the rainbow. Finally he decided on one formula which would be the Skittle we all know and love today. The five original flavors were created by Mr. Skittle himself. These flavors were grape, lemon, lime, orange and strawberry. Soon after, Skittle began to mass produce these candies all over the world. In 1974, full production of skittles began by and English candy company. The trademark letter “s” was inscribed on every skittles candy from day 1, however it was originally a blackish, deep violet color. This would later change to the white color skittles have today in 1988.

As demand for skittles grew, these candies began to be shipped internationally, coming to the United States in 1979 as an import candy. The popularity of the skittle grew so fast in the United States that in 1981, the Skittle company was moved to the United States for good, and the European production of skittles was moved to the Czech Republic, to be made by a section of the Mars candy company.

Mr. Skittle took his idea and was able to grow it into an international company. Today there are 18 different varieties of skittles.

Source by Daniel Coupet

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Barbie Marketing

You may be wondering what Barbie Marketing is … I do not blame you – the first time I heard the term, my 12 year old son was spouting it at the top of his lungs in the Mall. It did not take me long to realize he was talking about all the girls walking around in Barbie Costumes. You know the kind, high heels, jewelry and bling bling, hair that took two hours to perfect, and clothing that came from a designer rack, with too much makeup on the face of a girl too young to be that much into 'fashion' . Do not they play with dolls anymore?

Barbie Marketing is a hunk magnet for girls looking for guys.

At least, according to the 12 year old know-it-all who lives at my house. Little did I know, he knew this because his big brother had told him how much he liked the Babes in the Barbie Pink Costumes. But I was learning. For the fashion conscious want to be chick magnet, Barbie Pink Costumes were a major attraction.

Barbie Marketing is Fashionably Pink with Black and White Accents.

When I asked about the specifics, I was given well defined details including the simple fact that Barbie Marketing is Fashionably Pink (with Black and White Accents of course). "It usually includes anything that would go well with diamonds and Bling Bling," according to my 12 year old know-it-all.

Barbie Marketing is Bling Bling with Style.

Everyday girls do not do bling bling well. They usually dress too simply, without enough accessories, and their shoes look comfortable. Ahem, and they know this how? "My girlfriend wears just enough bling bling to have a lot of class, but too much bling bling is really really gosh," the 12 year old genius again?

"You have a girlfriend?" I stand amazed at the promise.

"Well, I'm going steady," he admits casually with a shrug of his shoulders, "but we're not dating or anything until her dad ungrounds her."

"Dating?" My simple mind just lost total control, I'm losing it fast. "What constituents dating?"

"When we eat at the lunch table, or sit together in youth group, Mom. You know, dating?" His eyes are rolling around in his head like marbles in the school yard, and he thinks I know?

"Well, dear, let me know two weeks before you and Ms Barbie Marketing get married and I'll find a wedding gift for you." I smile at him, ruffle his hair and we leave the mall.

"Mom, you're so out of touch!" There go those eyes again …

Source by Jan Verhoeff

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Making Your Website Look As Great As It Can Be

You can have a perfectly functional website without images. But if you compare your site with one that's just as functional but also uses graphics, you'll lose. Most people will go to the other site and leave yours gathering dust.

Getting Graphics – for free

Most of us are not artists, and even if I know an artist or three, most of them spend their time using paintbrushes and canvases. Many are not really comfortable with electronic media. So how do average people who want great graphics for their web sites get them? The good news is that excellent graphics are all over the place. In recent years, the World Wide Web has become increasingly graphic, and the quality of those graphics has improved immensely from the early days of the Internet.

Heeding copies and credits

Every web browser is a funnel for graphics. Any image that you can see in it, you can download and put on your site. However, you need to consider a few factors before you use graphics. Yes, you can grab every image file that you find. But you can not needarily use them all without consequences.

When an artist creates an image, that artist owns the copyright to that image. Just like the word says, that gives the artist and the artist alone the right to make copies, electronic or otherwise. The artist can give other people permission to make copies of the image, or even sell the copyright to someone, but without he or she does so, the artist remains in total control over the image.

Never take legal advice from anyone who spells copy right as copy write. One of the few ways in which someone can lose a copyright is if artists state that they're putting a work in the public domain, which means that they're surrendering their copyright and others can do anything that they want with the work. Many people do not understand what public domain means though, and you sometimes run across a statement on a website that says something incredible like, "I retain the copyright to all these images, but I'm placing them in the public domain, so Feel free to use them. " If you find one of the secontradictory disclaimers, and you really want to use the images, your best course is to contact the artist for confirmation on this matter. Typically, you may find five different situations with fine print on an artist's website, as the following list describes:

The artist states that you can not use the images. Just walk away, you can find plenty of others out there.

The artist states that you can use the images without any conditions on their usage. Go ahead and download to your heart's content.

The artist states that you can use the images if you do certain things, such as include a link back to the page they're on or include a copyright notice under the image. Do what the artist requests and use the images.

The artist states that you can use the images freely if you run a non-commercial site but that commercial sites must pay. If you're commercial and the work is good, pay up, it's not going to break the bank.

After all, you're not buying a Picasso original here.

The artist provides no information at all about usage. Either walk away or e-mail the artist to find out the policy first before using any images.

Creating your own images

The easiest way to avoid copyright problems is to make your own images. That way, you own the copyright unless you're working under contract for someone such as a Web design firm, in which case that company probably owns the copyright.

Programs like Photoshop and Fireworks make it reliably easy for those of us who are not very graphically talented to come up with professional looking images.

For more information about website design visit

Source by Christopher Armitage-White

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