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Teeth Whitening – Finally a Teeth Whitening System That Has No Side Effects

Teeth bleaching or teeth whitening is something that everyone wants to try. Though it is a dental treatment, it has been so simplified that it is considered to be cosmetic procedure. More and more people go for tooth bleaching just for looking good or adding some charismatic charm to their smile. Teeth with yellowish brown shade spoil our whole personality no matter how good our clothes are or how sexy our figure is.

A shining bright smile adds a special charm to our personality. It is all the more true for those who have to meet different people every day. Teeth whitening system has been so simplified these days that you can whiten your tooth at home without anyone's help. These bleaching kits are a boon for those who can not afford to visit dentist's office again and again. It is not just the cost that stops us from visiting our dentist but also the hassles attached with it.

Home teeth bleaching systems that consist of a set of mouth trays and bleaching gel are somewhat messy. Though easy to use, these systems take a lot of time and also cause tooth sensitivity. More over you need special pre-medication and sometimes you may also have to seek expert guidance if you are not able to follow the instructions carefully.

Another tooth bleaching system has recently hit the market that has no mouth trays or messy bleaching gel. It consists of an applicator that contains the bleaching gel. All you need to do is apply the bleaching agent with the applicator and within minutes you get a shining white set of teeth. It has no side effects and is extremely easy to use.

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Teeth Whitening – How Long Does it Take?

There are many factors that could have made you to start thinking of undergoing teeth whitening. It could have been something you have always wanted to do, but which you always lacked the resources to undertake. Or it could be something you have had to do, due to changed life circumstances. There are, for instance, certain job roles that demand it of you to go the extra mile in making yourself look good, and you could have landed such a role – making it essential for you to undertake teeth whitening. It could also be a situation where you simply look at yourself on the mirror one day, realize that your teeth do not look the way you would want them to, and decide there and then to have them whitened; so that you can be 'proud of them.' Or, yet still, it could be something else along those lines.

It is from such a background, then, that you would find yourself keen on undergoing teeth whitening. And just before getting started on the project, you could find yourself keen on understanding how long it would be likely to be, before you can have those brilliant teeth you are so much after. Of course, this interest in the time-aspect of the project may not just be abstract: we could also be looking at a situation where you are looking to undertake the teeth whitening with a particular upcoming event in mind. You would therefore be keen on knowing how long the process would take, so that you can embark on it in good time.

So, how long does teeth whitening take?

Well, how long teeth whitening takes depends to a great extent on how you decide to go about it.

How you decide to go about teeth whitening, on the other hand, depends on the nature of teeth discoloration problem you are looking at.

At the most fundamental level, you have two main ways through which you can get your teeth whitened. You can either make use of a teeth whitening gel (also called a bleach), or you could decide to make use of an approach such as a veneer – where a brilliant white cover is expertly applied to the teeth, to make them look alluringly white .

Obviously, where you decide to use an approach such as veneering in teeth whitening, you get immediate results, as it is more or less a mechanical solution. But veneering is a highly sophisticated process, and chances are that whatever facility you go to get it done, there would be other people ahead of you in the queue for the procedure. This would mean your having to wait for quite some time. You will also be informed that some dentists warn against the use of intrusive approaches such as veneering where there are other possible alternatives – leaving veneering for addressing the worst types of teeth discoloration.

When you decide to make use of the chemical approach (something like a teeth bleaching gel), you will probably not have to wait on a queue for the teeth whitening to be done; because there are many facilities from where you can get these gels applied. In any case, there are some low-concentration teeth whitening gels that you can use at home. But the fact that you will not have to wait on a queue is not much reprieve, when you take into consideration that most of these teeth whitening gels take some time to start delivering results. For those that are applied in the cosmetic dentist's clinic, you may have to go for a number of sessions before you can start seeing the results you are so much after. For those that you use at home, you may have to make use of them consistently for a few weeks, before you can start seeing results.

In the final analysis, then, we can say that the time required for teeth whitening depends largely on how you decide to go about it. Ultimately though, for most people, it tends to be at least a few weeks between making the decision to have teeth whitened and actually getting the teeth in that dazzling state.

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Simple Opalescence Teeth Whitening System Directions

Opalescence teeth whitening system comes in kits that are for use at the dentist’s office, for the consumers to use at home, or for use during traveling, and then there is a kit for maintenance. The whitening ingredient in the Opalescence for home uses is carbamide peroxide. It is a lower dosage version of hydrogen peroxide, about 18% of the strength. Consumers can leisurely use the teeth whitener over a period of time, instead of visiting the dentist.

Depending on which Opalescence teeth whitening product that you are getting, you might have to get your teeth trays made at the dentist’s office. Your dentist can take an impression of your teeth, and have trays ordered for you. Custom teeth whitening trays fit your teeth perfectly, and ensure the maximum contact of the Opalescence bleaching gel onto the surfaces of your teeth.

If you are using an Opalescence teeth whitening system for home use, you need to brush your teeth before applying the Opalescence gel onto your teeth. You can use a Rembrandt or a Colgate teeth whitening product for better result. Dry you teeth before the application.

Make sure your teeth trays are clean and dry, apply Opalescence gel onto the bottom and top trays of the front teeth sections. Excessive application of the gel would cause spillage over the edge of the trays, and could cause irritations to the gums. One can use some tissue to clean up the spillage to avoid discomfort. The trays could be worn overnight if one is using a low Opalescence concentration, such as a 10% gel, or a 20% gel. When you’re done, or when your teeth become too sensitive, remove trays, brush and rinse teeth. Wash trays and leave them to dry. Repeat the process daily until the whiten result is achieved.

Opalescence teeth whitening system directions are not that hard. Yet you have to use the trays, and deal with the gel, and clean up the trays. The initial cost of the Opalescence teeth whitening system is affordable, but you have to pay for refills for the continuous maintenance.

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Teeth Whitening – The Options

Not many people are lucky enough to be born with a perfect set of pearly white teeth. As we age, teeth seem to yellow, for some of us more than others. There is nothing worse than catching sight of a photo of yourself with a mouth full of yellowish off-colored teeth. Smoking, caffeine and bad dental hygiene can all lead to yellowed teeth. As we age, the mineral structure of the tooth changes which causes them to darken naturally. For those that wish to turn back the clock, modern dentistry offers many options for teeth whitening.

One of the most popular teeth whitening procedures is Zoom. If you've ever watched a makeover program, you will likely be familiar with Zoom whitening and the transformative effects it can have on a smile in just over an hour. The number of cosmetic dentists who specialize in Zoom has increased rapidly over the last few years, so pricing has dropped making the procedure more affordable than it used to be. Offering to whiten your teeth by up to six shades, it is certainly an effective option. Zoom works through the use of a laser, combined with a gel, to effectively whiten your teeth.

Most of the time you will need to visit the dentist on two separate occasions to get Zoom Whitening. The first time they will explain the procedure and fit you for a mouth guard. On the second visit you will actually have the whitening done. For some people the actual whitening process can be painful, but this is not always the case. The thicker the enamel coating of the tooth, the less painful it will be. It takes between forty five minutes and an hour for the actual whitening to be completed.

Afterward, you are provided with some maintenance gel, which are used in conjunction with the mouth guards you were fitted for on your first visit. For about a week after your treatment you need to use these every day. After this, you can just use it whenever you need to whiten up, or if you have a special event.

If laser whitening is not for you, you can try traditional bleaching. You chose between high concentration or low concentration bleaching. High Concentration bleaching is usually performed in the dentist's office. Using a mouth guard, a bleaching gel is applied to the teeth for around twenty minutes. This is repeated over two or three visits. High concentration bleaching has good results, it just needs a few more visits than laser bleaching.

Low concentration bleaching works much the same, but is usually performed at home with a chemist or supermarket bought gel. It is administered with a mouth guard, much the same way as high concentration bleaching. The peroxide concentration in the gel is much lower, and the results are not as good as that achieved when administered by a dental professional.

For the best whitening results a visit to the dentist is in order. Home teeth whitening procedures provide little result. While a little more expensive, dentist whitening services provide striking results which are also long lasting.

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Laser Teeth Whitening – How Effective is Laser Teeth Whitening?

Laser teeth whitening procedures have become famous throughout the world. While laser teeth whitening is not known to all, those who have tried it can confidently state that it actually helps to whiten your teeth. Well, how effective is laser teeth whitening anyways? To know the answer, please read through this article carefully:

1. It Lightens The Shade Of Your Teeth

A laser treatment is aimed at removing the yellow stains from the outermost surface of your tooth. Interestingly, this treatment can only be done at the clinic of a local dentist. Nonetheless, the results are simply fantastic and you can hope to lighten the shade of your tooth by 5 to 10 times their original color.

2. A Whitening Gel Is Used

In order to lighten the shade of your tooth, a dentist makes use of whitening liquids. The gel used in a laser whitening treatment is the same as the gel which is ideally used in home tooth whitening supplements. The only difference is the use of laser. The laser helps the gel to become even more effective and this in turn helps your teeth achieve 4 to 9 shades of whitening in a single sitting.

3. It Is Very Expensive

The only drawback of a laser treatment is that it is relatively expensive. While there are no fixed charges and rates vary from one clinic to another, you can expect to spend anything from $500 to $2500 for a single laser treatment. This is not all- if you are opting for a single tooth whitening procedure, you can end up spending upwards of $1000 per tooth. A classic example of this treatment is the veneers procedure.

If you want to whiten your teeth, you can always opt for the laser treatment as it is effective and long lasting. At the same time, if you do not have thousands of dollars to spend, you should ideally choose a home tooth whitening product such as a swab, a gel or a whitening strip.

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Teeth Whitening – 5 Great Reasons to Brighten Your Smile

If you’ve ever though of having your teeth whitened, stop thinking and just do it. There’s no cheaper, faster or easier way to makeover your appearance and start looking great. If you still have any doubts, here are five great reasons why tooth whitening is a great move for you.

Firstly, few other things do so much to boost your appearance as much as a radiant white smile. If you look at the Hollywood stars, a major portion of their charisma comes from that glowing pearly radiance when they open their mouths.

And this radiance is a key part of the charming persona that so attracts the opposite sex. A a bright open radiant smile is immensely seductive. It adds immeasurably to your charm and makes you supremely kissable.

Yet another great reason is that white teeth allow you to radiate an ambiance of health. That great smile announces that you’re clearly a person who takes care of yourself and cares about his body and appearance. And this is a very attractive feature in a person.

What’s more, having a great smile will skyrocket your confidence. If your teeth are a little dull it tends to cramp your style. Perhaps you’re a little hesitant and reluctant to open your mouth. But with those glorious white teeth, nothing can hold you back. Whether it’s at a job interview or in the disco, that smile will give you the confidence to do anything.

And finally having your teeth whitened is fast, painless easy and economical. You can choose from having it done at the dentist or do it yourself at home. Or the best option is to start off at the dentist and then continue treatment at home.

So go get that killer smile and blast you personality in high gear.

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Teeth Whitening Strips – Do They Work

Everybody today wants to look good. There are many ways to make you look and feel good – one of it being having a perfect smile. A good smile is the best makeup one can wear; the best beautifying trait. However, in order that your smile has the power of attraction and charm you want, you need to have beautiful white teeth. If your teeth are yellow and stained then your smile could have the exact opposite effect from what you would want. Hence, you need to ensure that your teeth are as beautiful as possible. How can you ensure that?

What Do You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening is a process that uses hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in different percentages to clear the stains accumulated over the years on the enamel of the teeth. Some procedures are highly effective, while some take longer to produce the desired effects. Most people choose a teeth whitening method based on the terms that are most suitable to them. The factors that influence this decision most often are two (i) quality of the product/ method and (ii) cost of the product/ method.

Accordingly, there are many methods to choose from – (i) professional treatment that are done by the dentist; (ii) home remedies; (iii) teeth whitening strips, (iv) Beverly Hills Teeth Whitening system; (v) Do It Yourself teeth whitening kits. Among all these, one of the most popular are the teeth whitening strips.

Do The Teeth Whitening Strips Really Work?

Most people prefer the teeth whitening strips because they are highly affordable and easy to use at home, any time. What you have to do is take the teeth whitening strips and press them over the teeth keeping them there for about 30 minutes. Though this is a very easy process, it does not give instant results. You would need to repeat this process two-three times a week over two to three weeks until you get the desired result.

The question whether the teeth whitening strips really work is not correct. The question should be, “does it work the way you wanted it/ expected?” In that case, one can say that this process is a little slow and might not give you the whitest of the teeth color. However, on the plus side is that it does remove stubborn stains and discoloration of the enamel which overall brightens the smile.

Whether it works or not depends upon what you are comparing it with. If you compare it with the professional teeth whitening process, then it is guaranteed that you would not really be happy with the results you are getting from the teeth whitening strips. However, if you compare the results with most of the do it yourself kits, then you will find that the teeth whitening strips wrk as good as any of them.

Caution About The Use Of Teeth Whitening Strips

There are a few dangers that need to be avoided when using the teeth whitening strips. For example, if you keep it longer than required, you might end up with sensitive teeth for a long time (sometime even for life) which is not something that one would look forward to. Another problem is that the gums might be affected badly if the instructions are not followed well.

Overall, the verdict is that the teeth whitening strips do work. This is a great way to have the teeth coloring fixed at the most affordable price and without too much hassles. However, if you want excellent results, you would need to go for the professional laser teeth whitening process, which though costs much more, would give you the desired results.

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Over the Counter Teeth Whitening – Does it Really Work?

You walk into your local drugstore looking for the toothpaste isle. Your mission is to figure out what is the best, efficient and most effective way to get your teeth pearly white. So many choices to choose from, where do you start?

Teeth whitening results vary considerably from person to person. Over the counter teeth whiteners have bleaching gel with a concentration lower than that of the professionally dispensed take-home whitener from your doctor.

Over the counter bleaching gel types are applied differently. The following are on the nearest shelf.

1.) One size fits all trays (Tray Based) – Placing a white gel placed in the tray and seated over the user's teeth.

2.) Tooth Whitening strips- Used as a "trayless" bleaching product

3.) Paint on applicators- the paint-on gel has been applied to a tooth's surface it solidifies so to form a invisible film. Should be left on for 30 minutes twice a day. There is a higher carbamide peroxide concentration in the paint on application.

4.) Whitening toothpastes and rinses

With proper handling and following the instructions, dramatic results usually began to show at the end of your second week of continuous use.

Over the counter products work best for those who have unrestored teeth and gums. Individuals who have yellow tones and superficial extrinsic stains respond to treatment quickly.

Office tooth bleaching products have a percentage of 9-40% of hydrogen peroxide concentrations whereas at home have a slower acting carbamide peroxide, which breaks down into hydrogen peroxide. Carbamide peroxide has about a third of strength of hydrogen peroxide. In conclusion, the product you would find n the store will break down the discoloration, bleaching your teeth.

Teeth whitening procedures must be continuous and devout use. Most will see a change of two to seven shades. A great way to get started is to get a free trial. It is an inexpensive way to see which over the counter product works best for you!

Source by Triston Thompson

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Teeth Whitening – How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays

Teeth whitening has become a buzz word in cosmetic dentistry world. There are so many methods and procedures of bleaching your teeth that sometimes you feel confused about which procedure to go for. There are several methods which are good enough but the ease of using teeth whitening kit at home is unmatched.

You can use home teeth bleaching kit without anyone’s help. These kits usually consist of a set of mouth trays and a bleaching agent. This is exactly the same procedure used by dentists in their office. They sometimes use a stronger bleaching agent for quick effect. The bleaching agent used in home teeth whitening kits is milder in peroxide content.

The process of molding and using mouth trays is quite easy. First of all place one of the mouth trays on your upper or lower teeth to check if its size is correct. Boil some water in a big bowl and then dip the mouth tray in boiling water for 5-10 seconds. Remove the mouth tray from water and fix it onto your teeth. Bite down a little bit so that you teeth mould a perfect groove into the tray. Press the front side of mouth tray with your fingers and the rear side with your tongue.

Once you are sure that mouth tray has been molded to fit your teeth. Take it out and it is ready to use. The same procedure should be followed for lower teeth as well. Once both the trays are ready, put some bleaching agent in the tray and place it onto your teeth. Leave if for a 15-20 minutes and then remove the tray. Rinse or brush your teeth with normal toothpaste.

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