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Teeth Whitening – 2 Surefire Ways to Whiten Your Teeth Through Home Teeth Whitening Methods

Teeth whitening is often looked on as an essential part of maintaining your dental hygiene. While you often consider teeth whitening as an essential means of trying to look good and appear lively, the fact of the matter remains that teeth whitening is not merely limited to enhancing your outward persona. It also enables you to take care of your healthy as well. Well, here is how you can take care of your teeth while remaining in the save confines of your personal washroom.

Place An Order For A Whitening Kit

It may sound a bit awkward but if you wish to whiten your teeth without moving an inch from your easy chair, then you would be required to do order a whitening kit from a reputed online store. One of the main reasons why you require a tooth whitening kit is because you simply cannot hope to polish your teeth without it. Hence, it is advisable the you look up the internet and place an order. When you receive the kit, you can begin with the second step-“the cleansing procedure”.

Follow The Instructions

The second step to ensure that you whiten teeth without getting into any hassle is by looking up the manual that has been provided along with your choicest cleansing kit. There have been numerous cases wherein people have not even bothered to read the instructions and have begun with the polishing procedure. Well, this is not the correct method. Kindly take some time out and read the instructions guide before beginning with the application procedure.

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Laser Teeth Whitening – Pros and Cons

If you’re looking for the fastest available procedure for turning your teeth white, you might want to try laser teeth whitening. Although this procedure costs more than other more traditional teeth whitening methods, you do get the instant results that you’re looking for. Another advantage is you won’t have to go through the discomfort and inconvenience of putting into your mouth teeth whitening devices such as mouth trays and strips. Laser is also the ideal treatment for people who have sensitive teeth who have painful reactions from teeth whitening trays and products.

This procedure starts out with the application of bleaching gel on your teeth. This gel is commonly made up of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. Laser light is then trained on the gel-covered teeth to activate the bleaching agent in the gel. The laser boosts the penetration of the bleaching agent into the teeth enamel, effectively removing stains caused by coffee, nicotine, and food products that have been regularly consumed for years. The whole procedure takes just about an hour and produces shade lightening of up to ten times the initial shade.

The three most commonly used laser-whitening systems are Zoom, BriteSmile and Sapphire. Zoom was developed by Discus Dental Inc. This system uses a mixture of 25 percent hydrogen peroxide gel and an activator. The pH level of the system is between 7.5 and 8.5. The specific laser used to activate this bleaching system is mercury metal halide that ranges from 350 to 400 nanometers.

BriteSmile uses its BriteSmile Procedural Gel for its laser bleaching system. This gel consists of 15% hydrogen peroxide with a pH level of 6.5. An accelerator is added on the second and third treatment to improve the whitening effect of the system. It uses a gas plasma-based laser, or light emitting diode, that is, LED, that have wavelengths ranging from 400 to 500 nanometers.

The Sapphire Whitening System was developed by Den-Mat, the same entity that developed the popular porcelain dental veneers, Lumineers. This whitening system combines the use of their Sapphire Whitening Gel with their signature laser, Sapphire Plasma Arc Light. The gel is specially formulated to allow absorption of light in the blue end of the light spectrum. Once the gel gets activated by the laser, it breaks down into reactive components that target the stain-causing colored compounds on the Both the gel and the colored stain compounds get activated and react with each other.

Dental health practitioners, however, are divided concerning the efficacy of laser-activated teeth bleaching systems. Some recent studies have been conducted that used the split arch method, that is, one side of the teeth were treated with just the bleaching product, while the other side made use of both the whitening product and laser. Results revealed equal whitening on both sides, even after conducting follow-up evaluations a year later. Popular teeth whitening systems that do not use laser, or that consider laser as optional, include Ultradent Opalescence Xtra Boost, Rembrandt Virtuoso Lightening Gel and Niveous.

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Professional Teeth Whitening Techniques – What You Should Know

Professional teeth whitening procedures are typically done within a dental office by a licensed professional of dentistry. Dentists have access to more intense ways of whitening your teeth than any over the counter teeth whitening system could ever dream of having. Professional teeth whiteningwill have you avoiding anything over the counter and will most likely involve one of two methods: laser or gel applications or trays.

Deciding which one you want will depend on your budget, insurance coverage, availability and preference of course. Laser is the most expensive of all methods of professional whiteningand the most extreme as it whitens the tooth almost immediately. Unfortunately, spot laser whitening can cost hundreds of dollars and laser whitening an entire set of teeth could cost thousands and most insurance companies do not cover this procedure.

If you suffer from teeth that are badly in need of whitening and can afford the professional laser whitening you’ll soon find that the results will be amazing and worth the cost. In fact, most of those who get laser whitening are more than completely satisfied with their results and recommend the procedure to everyone they know. Keep in mind that laser whitening does have side effects including over-bleaching and extreme sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Gel applications applied in a dental office are a bit less expensive than professional whitening by laser but at a cost. The in-office gel method doesn’t offer instant results instead it provides noticeable results within a few applications, depending upon the amount of stain of course. This method is quite simple and basically involves the dentist painting the gel onto your teeth and activating it with a special light. The dentist, or whitening technician, will then process all areas of the teeth covered in the gel with the light until all gel has been activated.

Take home professional whitening systems that consist of dental grade whitening gel and custom whitening trays for the user’s teeth are another professional method many choose because of the freedom it offers. You get to decide when, how much, how often and how long you want to bleach your teeth and you can monitor your own results. Many love this method because they only need one or two trips to their dentist and they have a complete, professional teeth whitening set to use at home.

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Peroxide Teeth Whitening and Dental Bacteria

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening can be a true harmless and widespread do-it-yourself solution for whitening teeth. The two main aspects to whitening teeth, is getting rid of intrinsic (deep stains in the inner layer of one’s teeth) and extrinsic (surface stains on the outer layer of the teeth). Peroxide concentrates on both kinds of stains; it loosens bacteria on the surface and bleaches the deep intrinsic stains. But the big question is can it harm your teeth?

Peroxide is considered safe to use by the ADA (American Dental Association) and is used in most effective teeth whitening systems. However people often say that hydrogen peroxide stains teeth, and it can, if used in high concentrations. In nearly every store that sells this compound, the solutions usually containing 3-10% peroxide. These types are safe for daily use and will not stain teeth.

When looking for the correct solution of hydrogen peroxide 3% is perfect. Stay away from any solutions over 10% as it is too harsh for your teeth. The use of highly concentrated peroxide can dissolve the calcium found in the tooth enamel. People with cavity fillings or dental cements should stay away from the use of these solutions, as it can certainly cause these materials to diminish, erode, and affect the integrity of the tooth.

The main reasons people use hydrogen peroxide in dental procedures is due to its amazing effects on dental bacteria. Dental bacteria are classified as the root to just about every dental problem. These problems mostly arise from the food that we eat. Dental bacteria can affect the tooth’s enamel by releasing acids that will create holes inside the enamel. As holes are produced the acid continues eroding the teeth causing the holes to develop deeper. The plaque left by foods shield the bacteria that hydrogen peroxide kills; in order to reach these bacteria one must brush before rinsing with hydrogen peroxide. And most of important of all never swallow this antiseptic!

Dental bacteria can also attack your gums causing them to inflame and could lead to gingivitis. Gingivitis has many negative effects such as swollen pink gums, bleeding gums, separating between gums and teeth, and the loss of teeth. Proper use of hydrogen peroxide can halt these diseases before they spread and become more severe.

Please remember that hydrogen peroxide should be used as a maintenance tool to up keep a healthy and white smile. Brush daily and floss daily, and have fun improving your smile!

– First soak toothbrush in peroxide to clean brush

– Rinse mouth out with water to clear dental particles

– Brush teeth as normal with tooth paste

– Rinse mouth for 30 seconds to 1 minute with hydrogen peroxide

– Rinse mouth out with water

– Repeat twice daily

As with any do-it-yourself teeth whitening solution results will vary. Always consult a dental professional if in doubt about using these solutions to whiten your teeth.

Source by Hunter R Jones

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Teeth Whitening – How to Improve Your Tooth Color by Your Next Working Day

In order to improve the color of your teeth, you simply rush to your nearest dentist. But this needs to be avoided at all costs. This is simply because a dental visit costs a lot of money and the dentist is a businessman. He would want you to return soon. So, you need to seek a permanent solution that is both effective as well as affordable. Nonetheless, you should avoid the expensive dental visit at all costs.

1. Use Tooth Whiteners

In order to cleanse the ugly layer of yellow from the surface of your teeth, you should try and get home a teeth whitening product. You can use a swab which is ideally dipped in a jar of whitening powder and rubbed across your stained teeth. You may also use a strip or gel that can whiten your teeth in minutes. These options are affordable and easy to apply.

2. Eat Citrus Fruits

To improve the color of your teeth, you should eat citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. Citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables have the ability to cleanse your stains in a natural way. They have special ingredient that scrape out dirty stains from the outer tooth enamel and they also make your inner tooth enamel strong and white.

3. Gargle With Lime Juice

The third option is to gargle your mouth with fresh lime water. Simply slice 2 fresh limes in a glass of warm water. Mix the juice of lime using a teaspoon and gargle your mouth a couple of times. The special cleansing ingredients present in lime would scrape away the yellow stains from the outer tooth enamel. Nonetheless, this is a temporary procedure. To get permanent results, you need to use a home based teeth whitening gel on a regular basis.

To improve the color of your teeth by the next working day, you simply need to avoid expensive dental visits, use well known teeth whitening products, eat citrus fruits and gargle with lime water. If you do not do so, you would again walk into your office with a pair of yellow teeth. I’m sure you would not want to avoid that at all costs.

Source by Sharon M Smith

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Teeth Whitening: Why People Choose Natural Teeth Whitening

In today’s society teeth whitening plays an important role when it comes to physical appearance. Just looking at the front covers of magazines you almost never see a person with ugly teeth. This makes or breaks the selling of the magazine. Being exposed to the world of the perfect male and female object people are more aware that healthy teeth play an important role when it comes to physical beauty.

Fortunately we live in an age where there are many safe methods available to whiten our teeth and also retaining them for many years to come. Natural teeth whitening has become one of the popular methods people use to whiten their teeth at home. Let me explain why people choose natural teeth whitening as a whitening method. First we need to take a close look at the other methods people use and what their negative effects are.

Whitening strips are widely used as a teeth whitening method. The ease of use makes this method a popular way for whitening teeth. While whitening strips are harmless to the teeth, they can cause considerable irritation to the gums if used too often. Gums that are exposed to whitening strips for a lengthy period can become very sore and sensitive. When used reasonably, it can greatly improve your appearance.

Another method people use is a bleaching pen. The ingredients in a bleaching pen is actually simple, and is very much the same as with other teeth-whitening products on the market. You will find a combination of sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide makes up the basis of bleaching pens. This will be placed in a glycerine base that makes it easy to flow when applied to your teeth. This method is good for minor yellowish stains caused by drinking coffee and tea.

Another method is using a bleaching gel or better known as a whitening gel. A dentist will match the color of your teeth with the work he does on your teeth. You might find that by using a bleaching gel the colour will start to differ from the colour you originally had before you used the gel. Be aware that bleaching gel can form a reaction with silver fillings and cause the enamel around the fillings turn slightly green.

Laser whitening is another way to whiten teeth. The dentist uses a whitening gel which gets activated by a laser to speed up the colouring process. The advantage of this method is, you will start seeing results within the first session or two. The disadvantage is the high cost to undergo such treatment and the fact that there is no guarantee that it will last for long. Make sure you first determine the cause of discoloring of your teeth before you spend unnecessary amounts of money on this procedure.

From the above discussions we can make our consumption that neither methods can guarantee us whiter teeth without the potential side effects or the high cost involve. The good news is there is a perfect natural way of whitening your teeth by using inexpensive ingredients that can be obtained from your local convenience store. This method isn’t just inexpensive but is completely safe to use without causing harm to your teeth. This is why more people choose natural teeth whitening as a method to whiten their teeth at home.

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Natural Teeth Whitening – Does Urine Get the Job Done? Please Say No!

Gross, does urine really work as a good natural teeth whitening remedy?

“If so, there is no way I am doing that!” I said to myself.

Luckily, it was only a joke told by my college history professor.  Ancient Romans did use urine as an ingredient in their toothpaste, though.

Does that not sound just utterly gross and disgusting?

Of course it does.

Have you been searching for tried and tested natural teeth whitening remedies on your own?

Of course you have.

And I bet you would like to know some secret, low cost ways to whiten teeth, would you not?

Well, then you have come to the right place.

Here are 3 ways without using urine to do the job.

1.  Carrots:  Besides being great for your eyes, carrots work great as a replacement for a tooth brush when you do not have access to one, and help get some of that grime and plaque off your shiners.  Easy!

2.  Strawberries:  I would suggest just eating them and not brushing your teeth right away.  They are acidic so applying them directly to your teeth is not the best thing and if you brush directly after it would help the acid eat away a bit at your teeth.

3.  Baking soda:  Just stick your tooth brush in some baking soda and you are good to go.  But I cannot make any guarantees about the taste!

However, do not use lemon juice on your teeth as a natural teeth whitening remedy.  You may have heard of this one but lemon juice is simply too acidic and eats away at important nutrients in your teeth, such as calcium.

Source by Mark Peterman

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Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening – Does This Really Work?

Do your teeth need some Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening performed on them by you? Should your teeth tend not to appear like you would really like them to, it is smart to try some of the dental bleaching Kits for sale today. It wouldn’t be good though, simply to leave your teeth looking yellow or stained.

Discoloration happens on a regular basis with people’s teeth. Have you not realized that your pearlies are stained when you’re looking in your mirror? In case your teeth are stained don’t panic. Discoloration happening is simply their natural reaction to things placed in the mouth. Many believe that tobacco or simply poor oral hygiene is at fault for staining to occur on tooth.

These aren’t the sole things that stain the teeth though. Even normal eating of certain foods, coffee and tea can stain. This really is why you ought to use one of the Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth whitening products to get rid of any stains or discoloration you might have.

Some may wonder if whitening mouthwash products will be enough to reverse staining. While very useful, such dental whitening items simply do not deliver the much-needed deep impact that tooth whitening kits are recognized for. With peroxide tooth whitening products, the process of whitening can be created much easier and more definitive.

On method entails using a mouthpiece that has a whitening mixture in it. Through clamping down on this mouthpiece with your jaw you permit the whitening mixture to gradually take away the brown stain or yellowing from tooth. Now will this method make your smile white immediately, no it won’t, it will take a few weeks for the whitening to be totally effective. The stains didn’t happen overnight so it will require some time to get them to go away, although not so long of time since you may think.

This method of whitening can be done with strips too that are put on your teeth. Slowly these strips whitened the enamel as they dissolve. While using pieces for two weeks will usually be enough to remove most of the stains. Normally applying the strips to upper and lower once each morning and once at night will give you effective results.

Now if you’re one which only wants to make use of the tops products then try the Idol White make of dental bleaching pens that are quite effective removing stains from the tooth. The pen is actually an applicator for the whitening gel; this makes it simple to apply it to tooth. As this gel soaks into your teeth, they become whiter and cleaner. This really is this easy-to-use method for teeth whitening it is really worth trying.

A variety of methods of the Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening solutions exist, which could effectively whiten your teeth. You finding which from the dental whitening Kits work for you is recommended though, because they can remove the present stains out of your teeth and brighten your smile

Source by Ben Q. Simon

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Teeth Whitening – Is it Safe to Use Home Teeth Whitening Kit?

There are no two ways about it that teeth whitening was originally a dental procedure done only by expert professionals. As the basic teeth whitening procedure remains the same, there will always be doubts about its safety and efficacy if it is not performed by an expert. However it cannot be denied that over the last two decades the bleaching process has been completely customized to suit a layman’s handling skills.

Constant research about the teeth whitening methods and bleaching agents has made it a complete risk free product. If you are not sure about its safety you have probably not seen the ease with which it can be used. These kits have been designed keeping in mind the handling abilities of a common user. As it is treated more like a cosmetic procedure and does not involve any incision or consumption of medicines, the chances of any side effect are minimized.

The bleaching kits can be easily handled if you follow the instructions carefully. Normally you get a set of mouth trays that can be molded to fit the contours of your teeth and gum lines. Once mold is ready you need to fill some whitening agent in it. Then you just need to place it against your teeth and wait for 15 -20, minutes. The recommended duration depends upon the quantity of peroxide in the solution therefore you must read the instruction before using it.

What really causes side effect is the improper use of this kit. Sometimes people wear the mouth tray for more than recommended duration assuming that it will whiten their teeth faster. In fact they cause more harm than any good to their teeth.

Source by Ashley Hilton

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