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Teeth Whitening – Myths and Facts About Teeth Whitening

Stained and discolored teeth indicate that you do not care enough about your teeth’s appearance. Stained teeth are harmless but if you leave it untreated for long, it may result into some complications which will not only cost you money later but also cause a lot of repeated visits to your dentist office. It is therefore always wise to go for teeth whitening as soon as you notice the first sign of yellow shade on your teeth.

Importance of pearly white teeth cannot be over emphasized. Huge demand for teeth bleaching products is a testimony to the fact that more and more people what to have whiter teeth. You can make do with yellow and stained teeth but cannot get the attention you deserve. Fortunately teeth whitening as been so simplified and made affordable that anyone can go for it. However there are certain myths about it that need to be dispelled.

  1. Teeth can be whitened permanently: False- no whitening procedure can whiten your teeth permanently. You need regular touch ups to maintain it.
  2. Permanent damage is caused to teeth: Partially True- Bleaching agent is a chemical that reacts with stains and oxidizes them. If you keep the whitening gel in contact with your teeth for more than recommended period it may damage the enamel layer of your teeth.
  3. Whitening tooth paste is good enough: False- these tooth paste are good only for stains that are on the outer surface of your teeth. They do not clean intrinsic stains which require harder whitening agent.
  4. It makes teeth sensitive: false- teeth sensitivity is temporary and disappears in a few days.

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Tooth Whitening Kits at Home – Do They Really Work?

Are you self-conscious about your pearly whites because they are less than white? Are you constantly suppressing a big smile for fear of being embarrassed by your discolored teeth? If so, you are not alone as there are millions of people just like you and many of them have resorted to tooth whitening kits at home and have turned their lives around. Believe me you too can have a lovely smile and feel much more confident of your dazzling white teeth and achieve this all at the comfort of your own home.

There are a great number of tooth whitening kits for use at home that are available today. They come in different forms such as strips, gels, and many of them come in packages or kits that contain several products that complement each other to effectively achieve results. But first you need to know why some people have less than white teeth while some have naturally white teeth. The main factors here are age and the lifestyle.

First off, aging is a natural process where all our body ages naturally. In the case of our teeth, the enamel wears down and becomes thinner making the dentin layer beneath it, which is a darker color, more transparent. Then there is our lifestyle. Smoking, eating color staining food and drinks, and poor dental hygiene all serve as factors to discolor teeth. People who smoke, those who frequently drink coffee, tea, and sodas, and those that frequently eat blueberries, beetroot,, and food products containing food coloring tend to have more stained teeth than those that don’t.. Of course, those that don’t and those that have a regular habit of cleaning their teeth will have a much brighter and whiter smile.

Tooth whitening kits used at home are products that are mostly peroxide based, or work by using this active ingredient to bleach the teeth. It is a common and safe ingredient highly recommended by dental professionals and developed by them as well. Basically, the whitening procedure entails the application of a bleaching agent on the surface of the tooth. This is achieved by either using a strip that adheres to the surface of the tooth or a tray where the teeth are immersed for a certain period of time. With these teeth lightening products, the active ingredients get into the micro crevices of the teeth, cleaning out and dissolving the causes of the discoloration.

Dental professionals recommend tooth whitening kits at home that use strips and trays because they act as barriers forcing the product to have more contact with the surface of the teeth. Depending on the product, these whitening procedures will last around half an hour each day and can show noticeable differences in as little as two weeks or a month. Compared with professional teeth whitening procedures, tooth whitening kits at home methods take a longer time to see whiter teeth as most dental whitening treatments show immediate results after only one session. In fact, using the latest whitening methods, you may need only one procedure to enjoy whiter and more confident smiles.

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Teeth Whitening Home Remedies – Painless Solutions To Stained Teeth

Teeth whitening home remedies have become an increasingly popular way to getting a more attractive, movie star like smile.

Up until quite recently there weren’t many ways of whitening your teeth, short of an expensive dentist visit. Nowadays our society places a high premium on good looks, and not much looks better than a big smile, full of shiney, white teeth.

Most of us don’t like the dentist, even if we did there are easier and more inexpensive options.

Three of the biggest names in tooth whitening are all vying for the top position, and all have very different methods of helping you achieve that celebrity smile.

Method 1 has a whitening applicator that breaks up plaque while at the same time, polishes and whitens your teeth.

Method 2 is an extremely quick and easy system. The container has a week’s worth of swabs, you dip the swab into the whitening powder and apply to all visible teeth surfaces for almost instant whiteness.

Method 3 is possibly the most famous Teeth Whitening Home Remedy system due to its affiliation with Kim Kardashian. That doesn’t mean that the company take shortcuts. Oh no. I try hard to be objective, but this method certainly lives up to its reputation. With a patented pen applicator that is easy to apply and works in seconds, it’s an excellent product that has an almost unmissable pricepoint.

All 3 methods probably have their individual selling points, but there’s only a couple you should really care about…

How Much It Costs

How Much Whiter It Will Make Your Teeth

The comforting thing to realise is that, you don’t have to suffer with embarrassment if you don’t have super shiny teeth. Even better, you won’t have to go to the dentist to get that smile you’ve always desired.

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Does Teeth Whitening Toothpaste Really Work?

Having sparkling white teeth and flashing them when you smile is something that most of us out there dream of, but how many of us actually have these kind of teeth? The fact that we consume tea, coffee, soda and even smoke on a daily basis stains our teeth tremendously, and thus the majority out there have stained teeth. In order to be able to clean these teeth, one would naturally opt for a teeth whitening solution that is available out there. There are many different teeth whitening treatment available for seekers out there, especially whitening toothpaste that has received mixed reviews in the past.

Apart from teeth whitening toothpaste, you would also find bleaching gels that are created to better the looks and condition of your teeth. Nevertheless the most popular solution is undoubtedly the toothpaste method, especially when you consider the cost-effectiveness of this solution, as well as its easy accessibility (almost anyone can get it anywhere with minimum hassle). However, one must know whether these toothpaste solutions really work or not. What do you think? Are they effective in helping you clean your teeth, or are they merely marketing gimmicks? Let us look deeper at this question.

It is the slowest method out there to achieve white teeth, and you would have to be amazingly consistent in brushing your teeth with this variant of the toothpaste, but I must say that this solution actually works. Usually you would need to continue using this product for at least six months to a year (at least twice a day of brushing) to be able to see the results of your efforts. Compared to the gel treatment that would show results in between three to six months, or the laser treatment solution that would show results almost immediately, this might be considered time-consuming, but it is definitely the most cost-effective by a mile!

Some people also opt for different solutions such as the gel and tray option, or even the laser treatment (if cost was not a problem) before choosing to use these whitening toothpaste options to maintain the cleanliness and looks of their teeth. Brushing with this substance would also help to make the teeth look better, in a more natural way if natural ingredients are utilized in the toothpaste. How effective it would be depends completely on how good your toothpaste really is, how long you brush your teeth, as well as how often you brush it.

But remember that excessive brushing might irritate your teeth and gums, and should be avoided. Your enamel could also be damaged, thus be extremely careful when choosing the right cleaning toothpaste, and be also careful on how often you brush your teeth to avoid damaging them. Abrasive agents such as silica is usually used in creating whitening toothpaste, as well as whitening agents such as carbamide peroxide or sodium tripolyphosphate, thus too much of these substances would definitely be recommended for your teeth!

Individuals with sensitive teeth or allergies should check with their dentists for recommendations of what toothpaste to utilize, as well as the frequencies of brushing their teeth. All the best in obtaining clean, white teeth!

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Reasons For Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a much used procedure in the field of dentistry because there’s hardly anyone who doesn’t want to be able to flash a dazzling white smile. Discovered in ancient days by the Egyptians, one of the first tooth whitening methods was used by them, and consisted of a blend of wine vinegar and ground pumice which they brushed their teeth with. In the modern world, both teeth whitening bleaching methods and teeth whitening procedures are just as popular as each other.

If we ask the question, what causes discolouration in an individual’s teeth, we would have to say things like having tetracycline therapy, imbibing large quantities of caffeine rich drinks such as coffee and tea, and also the habit of smoking, are some of the causes of stained teeth in an individual. Other factors for teeth colour could be intrinsic, and include things like bacterial pigmentation.The pros and cons of tooth whitening are under debate even up to date. Nevertheless this method continues to be the best one for treating discoloured and stained teeth. Professionals, youth and teenagers in particular find the fact of yellow stained teeth very embarrassing. If you take a look at toothpaste advertisements you will find they claim that brand of toothpaste will give you a brilliant white smile.Calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate aluminium oxide and silica are some of the agents used in tooth whitening and are often found in toothpastes which help get rid of food stains caused by particles left on the teeth.

For the purpose of permanent whitening, several types of bleaching agents are utilized. Some of these agents are peroxide containing carbamide peroxide and hydrogen amongst others. Generally for dental procedures the carbamide peroxide used has a 15 percent concentration level. Bleaching agents, unlike the whitening agents, oxidize the enamel in the teeth and cause the colour changes to occur internally by releasing hydrogen peroxide.Laser Bleaching and Bleaching Gels for Teeth WhiteningBleaching gels could be used in a dentist’s office or at home. Whatever the level of concentration, a light cured layer for protection is used on the teeth to coat them in the procedure practiced in a dental office. This way chemical burning is avoided.

The greater hydrogen peroxide concentration gives it speed to accomplish this. A cost effective method is the use of mouth guards or bleaching trays which are custom made. However these should be worn over a period of approximately two weeks, for a number of hours each day. The processes of bleaching are speeded up by the application of the laser bleaching method. This technique makes use of light energy to increase the speed of the bleaching. Amongst the other types of energy sources that are made use of for this procedure are UV ray lights, infrared laser and also argon laser. More often than not treatments for whitening done by laser are attended to in just one visit, or even in a single hour. Try Best Teeth Whitening Reviews for more flexible and more cost efficient methods of teeth whitening.

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Teeth Whitening – Polish That Grill – Easy Start

Some people avoid looking themselves in the mirror. They look the other way when brushing their teeth, or merely glance at most. Others are afraid to show their teeth when there’s time for a beaming smile. Does this not sound like a shame? All these people getting through their lives with a burden which could quite easily be taken care of. Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure which is aimed at removing or reducing discoloration and staining. It can also be used to provide brighter than average smiles.

A billion dollar industry

Nowadays a billion dollar industry teeth whitening is almost a must have treatment among those who have realized the importance of an attractive smile. Teeth whitening in particular, but also cosmetic dental surgery in general have made big technological advances and today you can have your smile polished without emptying your pockets completely.

Where the staining comes from

Teeth enamel discoloration can have many underlying causes. Excessive coffee drinking, too many sodas or cigarettes every day are real smile killers. But unfortunately age itself doesn’t spare your teeth either, no matter how good you are at staying away from temptations. Aside from staining of your teeth genetics also play an important factor, and some people simply have brighter and shinier teeth than others to begin with. Sometimes medication is the bad guy behind the discoloration, so always let your cosmetic dental surgeon know about any prescriptions you use.

Teeth whitening for whom

Teeth whitening by cosmetic dental surgery could be used by almost anyone who is shopping for a brighter and more polished smile. But importantly enough, teeth whitening isn’t always the best treatment around for discolored teeth. Particularly for people with oral health issued there are better ways. That is why consultation with your cosmetic dentist is most times a good way to determine the best strategy for your particular situation.

At last but not least

Listen up. The term teeth whitening can actually refer to a number of different techniques used to enhance your smile and remove stains and discoloration. These encompass teeth bleaching, laser tooth whitening and tooth whitening products to mention a few. Different procedures with different costs and results. Some are rather used in special situations while others could be applied more in general. Therefore always be sure of what you get beforehand! And remember that these procedures seldom are covered by health insurance policies.

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Teeth Whitening – Should You Do it Yourself?

Americans have long been obsessed with their personal appearance, and the latest fad in improving personal appearance is teeth whitening. While teeth are naturally white in color, a number of things can cause them to yellow. Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and even heavy consumption of soft drinks can contribute to unsightly, yellow teeth. In recent years, a number of techniques have been developed to bleach or whiten stained or yellow teeth.

The best and most effective of these techniques are those that are obtained from dentists. Dental professionals have the ability to create custom molds that are fitted to the individual patient’s teeth, thus insuring that the whitening agents used will effectively coat the teeth. The downside of seeking treatment from a dentist is the cost, which can easily run into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. For the average consumer, professional treatment may not be cost effective.

At the other extreme are the homemade methods of tooth whitening. A quick search on the Internet will turn up dozens of “recipes” for do it yourself teeth whitening pastes. Homemade whitening formulas may provide some degree of improvement in whitening yellow teeth, but the results are going to vary dramatically depending on the recipe. The recipes vary, according to the particular tastes and whims of those who create them, but one ingredient that seems to be common to most such recipes is baking soda. Baking soda can help whiten teeth, but anyone who has ever used baking soda knows that the substance can be quite abrasive. Using highly abrasive cleaning agents on your teeth may lead to dental problems that are far more serious than yellow teeth. The last thing you want to do when trying to save a few dollars on teeth whitening is cause a problem that leads to thousands of dollars in dental repair costs.

A good alternative to the above solutions is to try one of the many whitening systems that are sold over the counter or through the mail. These systems have become quite sophisticated in the last two or three years and some of them now offer results that rival those obtained from a dentist. Some of them include trays that can be molded to your own mouth and include chemicals that are similar, if not identical, to those used by dentists. Effective results can be obtained in just a few weeks at a cost of tens, rather than hundreds or thousands of dollars.

Keep in mind that the results of any kind of teeth whitening system can vary dramatically from one person to another. Not everyone has the same teeth or body chemistry, so a product that offers immediate results for one individual may not offer any improvement for someone else.

So, should you try to whiten your teeth yourself?

All of the methods above can provide results, but professional whitening will probably provide the greatest improvement in appearance, although it will also include the highest cost to the consumer. Homemade recipes offer the cheapest solution, but are not without risk as many of them are highly abrasive. Over the counter whitening solutions offer a nice balance between the two, and can often safely provide substantially whiter teeth at a fraction of the cost of having your teeth bleached by a dentist.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Teeth After a Teeth Whitening Procedure So Your Teeth Stay White

If you have undergone a teeth-whitening procedure, it shows that you place great care on your personal appearance. And if you’ve gone to all the trouble of having your teeth whitened, you obviously wouldn’t want to lose all that whiteness again. You would take all the necessary steps to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. After all, a teeth whitening procedure is a long-term investment that should be maintained. Otherwise, you’d have to invest time and money once more to get your teeth white again.

So how exactly can you maintain your teeth after undergoing a teeth-whitening procedure?

* Rinse your mouth or brush your teeth each and every time you finish taking your meals. Use anti-bacterial mouthwash or toothpaste that has whitening properties. The quickest way to lose the whiteness of your teeth is to leave them stained and discolored by the foods you eat. The longer these foods stay in your mouth, the quicker they’ll affect the color of your teeth.

* Use toothpaste that has teeth whitening properties. Use it regularly (after every meal) and you can be fairly certain that you’ll have white teeth for a long period of time. A toothpaste with whitening properties protects the teeth from getting stained and discolored.

* If you are a heavy caffeine drinker (coffee, soda or tea) and simply cannot get rid of the habit, drink with a straw. The straw will protect your teeth from stain and discoloration because the caffeine will bypass your teeth. Of course, if you can live without caffeine, this would be a much better way as not only will it keep your teeth white, you’ll be much healthier (and you’ll sleep better).

* If at all possible, avoid using lipstick as certain types of lipstick can stain your teeth and cause discoloration.

Treat teeth whitening as an investment. You don’t want to lose it by neglecting to take the necessary care towards maintaining your teeth. How often do you think you can afford to take teeth whitening treatments again and again? Getting a teeth whitening procedure done is akin to buying a new car and failing to maintain it on a regular basis. Unless you take an active role in taking care of your teeth, that teeth-whitening procedure is just going to be a waste of your time and money.

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Home Tooth Whitening Kits – Good Or Bad?

Everybody dreams of having a set of pearly white teeth and a beautiful smile, but only a few are lucky and blessed to have it. It is a sad fact that a big portion of the world’s population has to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to repair their teeth and enhance their smiles, but the good news is private dentists in dental clinics like those in Essex, Chigwell and in Hornchurch have trained with the latest advancements in cosmetic dentistry to provide anyone a smile makeover.

If you have yellowed, discolored or stained teeth, you will hesitate to smile and talk to anyone and this can hinder your social relationship and development. Any private dentist in Chigwell or a dentist in a dental clinic in Hornchurch can provide solutions such as teeth whitening, teeth implants, and other cosmetic dentistry methods.

A smile makeover in Essex is possible no matter how stained your teeth are. The most common causes of stains or discoloration of the teeth includes too much intake of coffee, tea, wine, tobacco, alcohol, and other factors. Any dental clinic in Hornchurch or a private dentist in Chigwell can recommend teeth whitening procedures to return the brilliance to your teeth. You can either go for a laser tooth whitening procedure, or just buy home tooth whitening kits and do the procedure yourself.

But are home tooth whitening kits a good option for you? This depends on the extent of your teeth problem and the recommendation of your dentist. If your teeth need extensive work done, you may have to go for laser tooth whitening procedures. Laser procedures may cost you hundreds of dollars but you will see instant results and come out of a dental clinic in Hornchurch or Chigwell with whiter teeth and brighter smile.

Home tooth whitening kits on the other hand costs cheaper and less than a hundred dollars but you cannot expect instant results. It may take weeks and months before you will start to notice any difference than before you performed the procedure and getting the right home tooth whitening kit that would suit you best may take time. As more people now know the importance of having a beautiful smile, the market is flooded with hundreds of home tooth whitening products of different brands.

Unlike regular toothpastes, home tooth whitening kits penetrate the pores in your teeth to remove stains and discoloration. The advantage to this is you can perform the procedure anywhere and anytime you want to, without having to make an appointment with your dentist, but it is still advisable to get the opinion of a licensed professional like your dentist.

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